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TAH is a provisional revision of Terminologia Anatomica version 1998.

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Use the language selection box for changing the current selection. To do that, press the language icon on the right of the title bar and select what you want. If the icon is not visible, close the present help box.

The Published lists are partonomic lists that have been frozen at selected dates and that are available in PDF format for an easy transfer outside of this website. The Published lists are independant of the active updates of an evolving terminolgy and are updated only when stable new versions have been obtained.

The partonomy lists show the current terminology through the partonomic hierarchy: under the top entity corpus humanum are displayed all systems, their subsystems and their parts up to the least detailed entity, all defined using the part_of relation.

The taxonomy lists show the part of the FMA taxonomy covering the terminology. This hierarchy is uniquely developed using the isa relation. By the way, FMA is here available in all active languages.

The Terminologia NeuroAnatomica was first published in 2017, but a considerable effort has been developed since that moment in order to design the here presented new version. Several hundreds corrections have been released. As a consequence, any version older than the present one (December 2021) is obsolete.

The TA98 lists represents the past TA98 terminology in its original version. We consider that several users of the terminology are always connected to TA98 and that they will move later to TAH. For this reason, trace pages are developed showing with precision the move of TA98 to TAH.

The vocabulary lists document the languages, their words and their usage in the terminology. Together with the active language pages (not yet available), they allow an overview of the syntax of each active language. The tests cover all situations of the terminology.

The different alphabetic lists help the retrieval by any single word of the related terms. They act as a search engine.

Further options are different utilities, made available to the user for an efficient navigation through this website.

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