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Click the red buttons at nodes of the top TA hierarchy to open it. Click the green button of any branch of the hierarchy to close it. Click an orange button to reopen it. Click any section marked by a blank button to access its taxonomic page.

The taxonomy is essentially the taxonomy of the Fundational Model of Anatomy. It covers the domain of Terminologia Anatomica with a superior degree of details. This means that one can expect to find all anatomical entities of TA, but other entities are also present in the original FMA ontology. At no point the here presented taxonomy pretends to cover to whole FMA model: we are here limited to a subset. If necessary, the hyperlinks to the FMA implementation provides a way to compare the contents.

Due to the fact that the TNA has been published in 2022, representing a considerable gap of scientific developments relatively to the original FMA publication, it has been necessary to create new entries in the taxonomy and to modify a number of existing entities. However, the authors of TNA have limited the number of changes to what was strictly necessary. These possible changes are visible explicitely on the Unit Pages.

The selections on this page are all branches of the taxonomy at the T1 level and at T2 level. When this page first open, only the T1 selections are visible. T2 levels becomes visible on user action.

The part of the taxonomy on non-physical entities is not related to the FMA, but is an original development of TA. Four sections are presented: 1) a couple of sections about nonphysical references; 2) a taxonomy of the relations implied in the terminology; 3) a taxonomy of the vocabulary of the terminology; 4) a taxonomy of the representation terms or strings in use for the interface of the terminology, especially the website.

The multilingual presentation of the taxonomy is presently a partially implemented capability, but most selections at LAENEN, LAFREN and LAESEN are satisfied.

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res anatomica

res physica

res corporea

portio substantiae corporeae

structura anatomica

structura antenatalis

structura postnatalis

pars principalis corporis 7 items

divisio partis principalis corporis 180 items

organum 1478 items

pars principalis organi 3837 items

systema organi 12 items

divisio systematis organi 64 items

cellula 267 items

pars principalis cellulae 44 items

portio texti 204 items

pars principalis texti 42 items

complexus anatomicus 2068 items

vestigium 10 items

structura variationis 2 item

res incorporea 1084 items

res nonphysica 1830 items