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Log of the TAH public website

This website is dedicated to the Terminologia Anatomica Humana TAH, open in the public domain since December 2021.

The chapters of this terminology are realised starting from TA98, adding TA2 and other findings when necessary. The new TAH is intended to replace all previous editions of the terminology, waiting for an official decision of the IFAA general assembly.

Care is given to maintain this website as stable as possible. However, important developments must be progressively added and may impact the overall presentation.

The present page displays in inverted chronologic order the list of the main actions that have been performed on this site. Move to the information buttons in the list in order to see detailed information.

31 May 2024 Regeneration of the partonomic lists for French and Spanish

All partonomic lists of TAH in LAFR and LAES have been regenerated. They include the links from partonomy to taxonomy.

24 May 2024 Links from partonomy to taxonomy

A new hyperlink is created when possible for each entity in a partonomic list, driving to the corresponding location in the taxonomy. This is possible when the taxonomic information for the entity has been collected and the related portion of the taxonomy has been effectively developed. A reverse hyperlink from taxonomy to partonomy will be created at some future time.

22 May 2024 Regeneration of the partonomic lists.

All partonomic lists of TAH in LAEN have been regenerated. The partonomy of TAH is now totally available on the website, as well as PDF and table format, allowing transfers for personal convenience.

16 May 2024 Full TAH now available.

All chapters of TAH have been now processed and validated. They are visible in the partonomy. The adjustment of the website to all new chapters is underway. The vailability in four languages is the matter of a couple of weeks.

20 Feb 2024 Unit page adapted for display of partonomic relations

The presentation of Unit pages has been improved in order to display the specialized part_of relations used in each father/child transitions of the partonomy. The section on partonomy is now presented with the acronym of the relation implied with each transition. The Help on Unit page has been updated. The new version of Unit pages will be visible only on any new Unit page generated since now. The chapter on endocine glands has been entirely regenerated.

19 Feb 2024 Update of partonomic relations

Partonomic relations have been renamed following a systematic rule. In the partonomic hierarchy, the generic part_of relation is specialized for each transition from father to child. Each possible transition receives a specifc relation with a dedicated name as well as an acronym, used as a short display. The on_line documentation of each relation has been updated, as well as the chaper 13 on partonomy of the Universal book of terminology.

7 Feb 2024 New occurrence section for vocabulary

All the vocabulary units have an occurrence section, which goal is to document and to display all occurrences of the word introduced by this unit. The search is performed on the entire terminology, including the defined word and all derived words like adjectives or prefixes. The list of occurences gives hyperlinks to the unit pages of each occurrence. The Help on Unit page has been updated in order to present in details the occurrence section.

20 Jan 2024 Creation of the tests for languages

A collection of tests has been created for each language of the website. Three categories of tests will be progressively made available: 1) tests per word category, systematically applied to the entire vocabulary; 2) tests depending on the type of generated terms applied on selected representative terms; 3) tests of universal functions applied on selected representative terms. Most of the Latin tests are available and the tests for other languages will be later developed.

3 Jan 2024 Introduction of the guided tours

The top menu now contains a new selection for the guided tours. This feature is made of presentations under the form of slides. They document the different aspects of the website. The initial release is made of two guided tours, one on the top menu and the other on the Unit pages.

27 Dec 2023 Update of the book on Universal Terminology

The table of content has been completed and all chapters are now mentioned with a comment absent or initial as long as they are not substantially available.

9 Dec 2023 Validation of several visceral systems

The following systems have been validated and made available: respiratory system, urinary system, male genital system and female genital system. These chapters are all available as stand alone PDF files, ready to be exported, in 4 languages.

8 Dec 2023 Augmented chapter in the book, about automatic definitions

The book on Universal Terminology has been significantly augmented by new sections about the automatic generation of definitions. It is explained why definitions are important and that the ultimate target is that definitions must be understood by computers, for computer exchanges to be possible.

21 Oct 2023 Introduction of PDF versions for the partonomic lists chapters

Each chapter of the terminology must be made available in PDF format for an easy exportation. Access to the PDF format is progressively added for the full chapter partonomic lists. This concerns all language combinations.

1 Oct 2023 Update of access to the partonomic lists

Accessing the TAH partonomic lists has been completed for all chapters of the terminology. Only the chapters that have been validated are available. Access is provided to the full chapter or to the main sections. This update concerns the English, French and Spanish pages.

12 Sep 2023 Validation of the digestive system

The digestive system has been fully validated and is now available in 4 languages. The lists and sublists have all been generated in all languages. The dentitio is from now a new separated chapter to be released soon. Numerous corrections from TA98 have been done for entities belonging to the lymphatic system.

14 Aug 2023 New presentation of the progress reports

The progress reports are now entirely presented as PDF files and provide an extended detailed information on the ongoing work of development of the website. They are supposed to be regularly updated. These reports present a new feature under the form of hyperlinks to much of the new developments, allowing an alternate access to the website.

14 Aug 2023 PDF files for TA98

PDF files are now available for each TA98 chapter in Latin/English. This facility will be extended to all language combinations. These PDF files are especially designed, independently of the pages on the website. They are ready for a stand-alone usage when they are downloaded from the website.

30 Jul 2023 New progress report on partonomic lists

A new presentation of the progress of the website is presented for the partonomic lists. It would be extended to the other aspects later. The new presentation documents the developments and the validation actions, as well as the language aspects. In addition this report can be used for a direct access to any partonomic list.

18 Jun 2023 New switch for languages

A new switch of languages on navigation pages has been created on the top menu and on the partonomic lists. It will be progressively extended to all multilingual navigation pages. The generated content pages will display the language icons as soon as they are recompiled, but the full update may take some months.

18 Jun 2023 Validation of cardiovascular system

This chapter has been entirely validated and now has been completed with TA98, TA2 and any other new findings when necessary. A number of new terms have been added, with scientific references. Ambiguous representations of the hands, the feet and the kidneys have been reformulated. Presently, only the Latin and English versions have been reviewed.

24 May 2023 Introduction of the book on Universal Terminology

A new entry in the top menu of the website has been created for the book on Universal Terminology. This book is the scientific documentation describing the present terminology and its implementation on this website. This book is only partially available for the time now and will be progressively augmented.

31 Dec 2022 Validation of muscular system

This chapter has been entirely validated and now has been completed with TA98, TA2 and any other new findings when necessary. The website has been checked for the presence of all lists and sublists of this chapter, as well as all Unit pages. The taxonomy based on FMA has been added mostly everywhere in this chapter. External references have been completed and a partial but significant number of definitions have been created.

30 Aug 2022 New chapter on muscular system

This chapter is intrinsically part of TA and outside of TNA, though several dependencies exists between the Peripheral nervous system and the muscles. Only an internal validation has been performed, waiting for a more formal validation by experts of this subdomain.

29 Aug 2022 Introduction of the Universal Pages

The Universal Pages shows all possible terms attached to a specific unit in all languages of the terminology. These pages will be progressively generated for all units. A sample is visible for musculus digastricus at URL "../auto/univ/EN/TAH1747 Universal EN.htm" (direct access: universal|EN|1747). The corresponding help file is also available.

22 Aug 2022 Update of the taxonomy of organ components

Refresh of this part of the taxonomy with some 1500 items, including what corresponds to the cardiovascular system.

22 Aug 2022 Update of the subsection on heart

The subsection on heart has been updated at the level of TA2: a considerable number of changes have been realized, with several new entities, according to the state of the art in this subdomain. A reorganization of this subsection is now replacing the past version.

29 Jul 2022 New chapter on cardiovascular system

This chapter was only partially concerned with TNA. Now, it has been completed and is entirely available. Only an internal validation has been performed, waiting for a more formal validation by experts of this subdomain. In this new presentation, the cerebrospinal vessels have been totally separated from the other vessels.

13 Jun 2022 Introduction of the vocabulary section

A new section is available from the home page concerning the vocabulary aspects. The present version is limited in its extension with the goal to illustrate what can be done in this direction. It will be later extended.

31 May 2022 Redesign of TA98 section

The navigation to TA98 lists has been redefined in all languages. A part of the TA98 on-line website has been added. A number of missing links are there, due to the fact that the TA98 version is not yet ready in all languages, but they will be progressively added.

24 May 2022 Trace pages for TA98 to TNA migration

All TA98 Trace Pages are now available for the migration to TNA. These pages explain the migration from TA98 to TNA on an individual unit basis and provide notes for special situations (the corpus of notes is not yet finalized).

23 May 2022 Upload of LA/EN unit pages for telencephalon

Upload of all Latin/English Unit pages has been undertaken for the telencephalon. A new page name has been set up in order to facilitate Google indexing of all anatomical terms. A link to the home page of the terminology is visible now on top of the page.

08 May 2022 Upload of LA/EN unit pages for TA98 TNA related entities

A systematic upload of all Latin/English Unit pages has been undertaken, concerning the TA98 entities being implied in the TNA chapters. These pages may have errors or missing parts like the definition or the taxonomic hierarchy. A systematic validation of all Unit pages has not yet been performed.

02 May 2022 Redesign of the TA98 section

This section has been largely redesigned. Progressively, the TA98 website is inserted within the current website. The principal new feature is the availability of tables for each chapter with the integral content of TA98 source edition. The trace option, from TA98 to TNA, is in development and will be added progressively to all chapters concerned by TNA.

08 Apr 2022 Creation of private pages for anatomical societies

Such pages with a restricted address for specific users have been created for an easy communication with certain users.

30 Mar 2022 Access to the book on Universal Terminology

The book Universal Terminology, providing the foundational information on ontologies and documenting the actual implementation of the terminology, is accessible. Presently this access is reserved to a few persons until this book as gained a sufficient validation.

25 Mar 2022 Introduction of interface lists

The interface lists have been created and can be accessed as taxonomy pages (res representationis under res non physica). A dedicated help file is also available..

18 Mar 2022 Improvement of Direct access

The possibility to select any navigation page has been introduced.

18 Mar 2022 Upload of several taxonomy lists

A majority of taxonomic lists have been created and uploaded. However, the validation of the taxonomy is partial and multiple errors or missing values are probable.

1 Mar 2022 Access to TA98 Lists in 4 languages

The TA98 Lists are now available in Latin, English, French and Spanish. This is true for the TNA chapters and it will be progressively extended to the whole TA.

22 Feb 2022 New published list for visual organ

The Published list in Spanish has been validated and is now available.

08 Jan 2022 Introduction of the direct access

The direct access to any page of the website has been set up. It allows direct access to a page by its name and identifier.

26 Dec 2021 Creation of the progress reports

Creation of the progress reports, starting with the report on partonomic lists and alphabetic lists.

23 Dec 2021 Creation of the partonomic lists

Introduction of the partonomic lists and sub-lists allowing navigation between lists from the most general to the most specific, at choosen levels of detail. The links to the Unit Pages are present but most of them are not yet satisfied. Only the Latin, English and French versions are available. Upload of ~1500 pages.

19 Dec 2021 Creation of the alphabetic lists

The Alpha Page has been created, presenting the partonomic lists in alphabetic order, in order to allow systematic searches on terms. A joined help file provides the necessary documentation on this new topic.

9 Dec 2021 Addition of links to relevant websites

The Home Page of TNA has a new selection giving access to relevant websites concerning the terminologies.

7 Dec 2021 Addition of Help System

The Home Page of TNA has a new selection giving access to the documentation on Help System and direct access to any help file.

4 Dec 2021 Addition of MailTo to the webmaster

The Home Page has now a link to a mail service in order to directly reach the webmaster of this website. This service is open to any user for reporting of bugs, errors or other problems about the website, either the content or the presentation.

4 Dec 2021 Upload of Unit Pages

All Unit Pages in English and French for the autonomic subdivision of the PNS have been uploaded (4 x 190 = 760 pages).

4 Dec 2021 Updates to Help on Unit Page

The Help on Unit Page is reachable since any Unit Page. It has been updated in order to reflect the latest reality of the unit pages.

1 Dec 2021 Opening of the TNA website

This Terminologia NeuroAnatomica website is publicly available since 2021. It is the reference website for this terminology and replaces any anterior versions, that must be considered as obsolete. The TNA is about one third of Terminologia Anatomica, that is itself on the way of a deep revision.