The Guided tours

Information about the guided tours of the website

The guided tours are walks through the website in a didactive manner. They are adressed to those users who want either an initial presentation or the discovery of some hidden features.

Most guided tours have a common structure: an introduction, a choice of pathes and a termination. Jumps between pathes is provided in the left column. Each path is made of a number of steps corresponding to the successive actions of the user necessary to follow it. For a detailled view of what to do, a How-To frame is available with each action. The How-To frame has a return button, in order to continue the guided tour.

Currently, the guided tours are available in English only.


The guided tours are slide shows in PDF format. They can be viewed directly on most web browsers, but are certainly best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader (the free version is sufficient). When a guided tour is selected, it can be saved on the user conputer and then open directly in Acrobat Reader.

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