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Accessing the vocabulary entities

This page gives access to the vocabulary of the terminology. All words of the domain are defined and documented in a specialized entity: the vocabulary entity. Each such entity takes care of all languages in a large concordance table.

The set of all vocabulary entities is organized in a number of sections regarding all aspects of the domain of anatomy. The present page directs the users to these sections. Two types of sections are there: the sections organized around an anatomical feature and the sections corresponding to a chapter of anatomy. Any word is classified in one and only one section. This partitioning into sections follows pragmatic criteria, not necessarily following the best canonical rules prevailing in anatomy. Click the green button to open or close the lists of sections.

The lists of all vocabulary entities are displayed as a taxonomy page. The order of entities is alphabetical. In each list, all words are displayed together with their unit identifier, acting as a link to the corresponding unit page. The unit pages of the vocabulary entities have a dedicated section about the occurences of the specified words. All occurences in the whole terminology, including TA98, are displayed and can be compared.

The unit pages corresponding to each section are usually available and have been checked. However, when the occurences are referencing non TNA units, the quality of the results is uncertain. Only when the entire Terminologia Anatomica has been integrated would the results be of good quality.

The switch between languages is not yet implemented.

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