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The Universal Terminology

What is the book on Universal Terminology

This book is the official scientific documentation of the Universal Terminology that is presented on this website.

The book is organized in more than 25 chapters which will be progressively released. With a couple of hundreds pages, such a book is never terminated. However, a major consistent part of it should be made available by the end of 2024.

The present page gives a direct access to any chapter as soon that a substantive part has been released.

Each chapter is provided as a PDF file. These files can be freely exported and copied as long as a correct information on its source is accessible.

The authors of the book express their own and personal opinion in this book. In no way IFAA, FIPAT or the University of Fribourg may be considered as responsible for this content.

Call for participation

Any scientific person who wants to contribute to the book on Universal Terminology is invited to contact the authors using the link on the top menu of this website. Such opinions are welcome, even if they express contradictory positions. They will be considered as long as they fit in the present scope of discussion.