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Terminologia Anatomica (TA98; Thieme, Stuttgart), the successor to Nomina Anatomica as the international standard of human anatomical terminology, was first published as a book in 1998, and was recently reprinted (2011). The anatomical terms were listed according to systemic, topographical and alphabetical rules, which influenced the typography of the book. Every term was given a identifying number (TA code). Image files of every page of the book are freely available on this website since 2010.

Following a decision of the General Assembly of IFAA (CapeTown, August 2009), the Informatics Working Group of FIPAT began developing a knowledge base on terminologies under the direction of Prof. Pierre Sprumont (Fribourg, Switzerland). A hierarchy of the terms was consequently designed by making use of a few logical operators: <is a>, <is part of>, <is branch of>, <is set of>, <is member of>, etc. This intensive and tedious work was performed mainly by Dr. Robert Baud (Geneva, Switzerland) and Prof. Paul E. Neumann (Halifax, Canada) of the Informatics Working Group. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

The on-line TA98, generously hosted by the Université de Fribourg, consists of reports from this knowledge base. These reports include hierarchical and alphabetical indexes, near-facsimile pages of chapters and sections of TA98, individual pages for each entity, and individual pages for the analysis of the form and syntax of the Latin terms. The near-facsimile pages are conservatively corrected, but these corrections and the material added by the Informatics Working Group have not yet been approved yet by FIPAT or IFAA. Therefore the published book remains the international standard of human anatomical terminology.

The navigation of the human anatomical terminology on this website is explained in a Help on navigation document, that details how one can reach any of the Index Pages, Chapter and Section Pages, Entity Pages, Latin pages and Statistics Pages. Help documents for each of the page types are linked from the current page. Most pages on the website have an image of a large light-bulb that serves as a link to the appropriate Help document. In addition, the Documents and resources page is an alternative path to those pages.

In 2020, the website has been refreshed in order to adapt to the awailable technology, mainly HTML5, CSS, Javascript and PHP. But the Content pages were all left unchanged, only the navigation was concerned. This means that all external pointers to the website remains valid.

The TA98 part of the website, as it was created in 2013 and refreshed in 2020, is to be considered as frozen regarding its content. Except possible trivial updates, no change are to be expected in the future. Of course, this left the way open for the publications of different revisions of the terminologies.

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