Partonomy list P3, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

os frontale

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Top level systema skeletale Short Extended
Level 2 ossa cranii Short Extended
Current level os frontale
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
52734 422 tax
os frontale
frontal bone
52848 423 tax
squama frontalis
squamous part of frontal bone
52855 424 tax
facies externa ossis frontalis
external surface of frontal bone
53097 429 tax
margo supraorbitalis ossis frontalis (par)
supraorbital margin of frontal bone (pair)
57390 430 tax
incisura supraorbitalis (par)
supraorbital notch (pair)
431 tax
incisura frontalis (par)
frontal notch (pair)
57412 17017 tax
foramen supraorbitale (par)
supraorbital foramen (pair)
57409 17018 tax
(foramen frontale (par) )
(frontal foramen (pair) )
52852 425 tax
tuber frontale (par) ; eminentia frontalis (par)
frontal tuber (pair) ; frontal eminence (pair)
52850 426 tax
arcus superciliaris (par)
superciliary arch (pair)
52851 427 tax
52989 428 tax
(sutura frontalis persistens; sutura metopica )
(frontal suture ; metopic suture )
57133 432 tax
facies temporalis ossis frontalis (par)
temporal surface of frontal bone (pair)
53098 433 tax
margo parietalis ossis frontalis (par)
parietal border of frontal bone (pair)
75040 434 tax
linea temporalis ossis frontalis (par)
temporal line of frontal bone (pair)
54389 435 tax
processus zygomaticus ossis frontalis (par)
zygomatic process of frontal bone (pair)
52856 436 tax
facies interna ossis frontalis
internal surface of frontal bone
57120 438 tax
sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris
groove of superior sagittal sinus
57415 437 tax
crista frontalis
frontal crest
57443 439 tax
foramen caecum
foramen caecum ▲
52853 440 tax
pars nasalis ossis frontalis
nasal part of frontal bone
57420 441 tax
spina nasalis
nasal spine
57422 442 tax
margo nasalis
nasal border
52849 443 tax
pars orbitalis ossis frontalis (par) ; lamina orbitalis ossis frontalis (par)
orbital part of frontal bone (pair) ; orbital plate of frontal bone (pair)
57131 444 tax
facies orbitalis ossis frontalis (par)
orbital surface of frontal bone (pair)
57399 446 tax
fovea trochlearis (par)
trochlear fovea (pair)
57396 447 tax
fossa glandulae lacrimalis (par)
fossa of lacrimal gland (pair) ; lacrimal fossa (pair)
75742 445 tax
(spina trochlearis (par) )
(trochlear spine (pair) )
53099 448 tax
margo sphenoidalis ossis frontalis (par)
sphenoidal border of frontal bone (pair)
57388 449 tax
incisura ethmoidalis
ethmoidal notch
57417 450 tax
sinus frontalis (par)
frontal sinus (pair)
57402 451 tax
apertura sinus frontalis (par)
opening of frontal sinus (pair)
57423 452 tax
septum intersinuale frontale; septum sinuum frontalium
septum of frontal sinus
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Date: 04.07.2024