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linguopharyngeal nerve (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 subdivision of cranial nerve Short Extended
Current level linguopharyngeal nerve (pair)
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
50870 36789 6501
linguopharyngeal nerve (pair) ; cranial nerve IX (pair)
nervus linguopharyngeus (par) ; nervus cranialis IX (par)
53474 36792 6502
superior ganglion of linguopharyngeal nerve (pair)
ganglion superius nervi linguopharyngei (par)
53475 36795 6503
inferior ganglion of linguopharyngeal nerve (pair) ; petrous ganglion (pair)
ganglion inferius nervi linguopharyngei (par) ; ganglion petrosum (par)
53480 36798 6504
tympanic nerve (pair)
nervus tympanicus (par)
77533 36801 6506
tympanic plexus (pair)
plexus tympanicus (par)
272316 36804 6507
tubal branch (pair)
ramus tubarius (par)
53491 36807 6515
lesser petrous nerve (pair) ; parasympathetic root of otic ganglion (pair)
nervus petrosus minor (par) ; radix parasympathica ganglii otici (par)
53488 36810 6512
carotid sinus nerve (pair)
nervus sinus carotici (par)
36813 6511
stylopharyngeal branch (pair)
ramus stylopharyngeus (par)
53486 36817 6510
pharyngeal branches (pair)
rami pharyngei (par)
53489 36821 6513
tonsillar branches (pair)
rami tonsillares (par)
53490 36825 6514
lingual branches of linguopharyngeal nerve (pair)
rami linguales nervi linguopharyngei (par)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Given its size, the term Nervus sinus carotici (Carotid sinus nerve; see Toorop et al. 2009 J Vasc Surg 50:177-182) is more appropriate (suggested by Ronald Bleys, Utrecht).
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Date: 10.09.2021