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nomen pes

Official Latin term nomen pes
Official subsidiary term word foot
Unit identifier TAH:U9956
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 9956
nomen pes
By noun
86/NFMB pair
238/NFMB pair
regio pedis
240/NF1B pair
regio dorsalis pedis (dorsum pedis )
240/NFMB pair
dorsum pedis
241/NF1B pair
regio plantaris pedis (planta pedis )
241/NFMB pair
planta pedis
242/NF1B pair
margo fibularis pedis (margo lateralis pedis )
242/NFMB pair
margo lateralis pedis
243/NF1B pair
margo tibialis pedis (margo medialis pedis )
243/NFMB pair
margo medialis pedis
1177/NFMB pset
os pedis
1215/NFMB pair
os naviculare pedis
1230/NFMB pset
phalanx pedis
1231/NFMB pset
phalanx proximalis pedis
1232/NFMB pset
phalanx media pedis
1233/NFMB pset
phalanx distalis pedis
1239/NFMB pset
os sesamoideum pedis
2140/NFMB pset
musculus interosseus dorsalis pedis
4388/NFMB single
arteria dorsalis pedis
6146/NFMB pair
pes hippocampi
6738/NFMB pset
nervus digitalis dorsalis pedis nervi fibularis superficialis
6741/NFMB pset
nervus digitalis dorsalis pedis nervi fibularis profundi
7728/NFMB single
pes terminalis neuri coniferi
9672/NFMB pair
hallux pedis
14425/NFMB pair
musculus interosseus dorsalis primus pedis
14426/NFMB pair
musculus interosseus dorsalis secundus pedis
14427/NFMB pair
musculus interosseus dorsalis tertius pedis
14428/NFMB pair
musculus interosseus dorsalis quartus pedis
14429/NFMB pair
musculus lumbricalis primus pedis
14430/NFMB pair
musculus lumbricalis secundus pedis
14431/NFMB pair
musculus lumbricalis tertius pedis
14432/NFMB pair
musculus lumbricalis quartus pedis
14434/NFMB pset
musculus proprius pedis
14435/NFMB pset
musculus pedis
21285/NFMB single
os accessorium pedis
Number of occurrences
35 items
Date: 24.06.2022