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nomen thalamus

Official Latin term nomen thalamus
Official subsidiary term word thalamus
Unit identifier TAH:U14224
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis nervosi
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nomen thalamus
Reference 5769
By noun
5765/NFMB single
5769/NFMB pair
5770/NFMB pair
tuberculum anterius thalami
5773/NFMB pair
taenia thalami
5774/NF1B pair
stria medullaris thalami (stria medullaris prethalami )
5774/NFMB pair
stria medullaris prethalami
5775/NFMB pair
5776/NFMB pair
5813/NFMB pair
substantia grisea thalami
5814/NFMB pset
nucleus anterior thalami
5815/NFMB pair
nucleus anterodorsalis thalami
5816/NFMB pair
nucleus anteromedialis thalami
5817/NFMB pair
nucleus anteroventralis thalami
5819/NFMB pair
nucleus dorsalis lateralis thalami
5826/NFMB pset
nucleus intralaminaris thalami
5827/NFMB pair
nucleus centralis lateralis thalami
5828/NFMB pair
nucleus centralis medialis thalami
5829/NFMB pair
nucleus centromedianus thalami
5830/NFMB pair
nucleus paracentralis thalami
5831/NFMB pair
nucleus parafascicularis thalami
5832/NFMB pset
nucleus medialis thalami
5833/NFMB pair
nucleus mediodorsalis thalami
5838/NFMB pset
nucleus periventricularis thalami
5840/NFMB pair
nucleus paraventricularis thalami
5845/NFMB pset
nucleus posterior thalami
5846/NFMB pair
nucleus limitans thalami
5848/NFMB pair
nucleus suprageniculatus thalami
5849/NF1B pair
nucleus reticularis thalami (nucleus reticularis prethalami )
5849/NFMB pair
nucleus reticularis prethalami
5850/NFMB pset
nucleus lateralis thalami
5851/NFMB pset
nucleus ventrobasalis thalami
5855/NFMB pset
nucleus ventralis medialis thalami
5856/NFMB pair
nucleus ventromedialis basalis thalami
5857/NFMB pair
nucleus ventromedialis principalis thalami
5858/NFMB pair
nucleus submedialis thalami
5860/NFMB pset
nucleus ventralis lateralis thalami
5861/NFMB pair
nucleus ventrolateralis anterior thalami
5862/NFMB pair
nucleus ventrolateralis posterior thalami
5863/NFMB pair
nucleus ventralis anterior thalami
5870/NFMB pair
substantia alba thalami
5871/NFMB pair
lamina medullaris lateralis thalami
5872/NFMB pair
lamina medullaris medialis thalami
5874/NFMB pair
ansa lenticularis thalami
5885/NFMB pset
fibra periventricularis thalami
6321/NFMB set
cellula cholinergica epithalami
7521/NF1B pset
nucleus geniculatus thalami (corpus geniculatum thalami )
7521/NFMB pset
corpus geniculatum thalami
8292/NFMB pset
tractus proprius thalami (tractus intrinsicus thalami )
8307/NFMB pset
tractus longus thalami
8311/NFMB pset
tractus ascendens medullae spinalis thalami
8630/NFMB pair
nucleus subparafascicularis thalami
8631/NFMB pset
nucleus intralaminaris posterior thalami
8632/NFMB pair
nucleus ventromedialis posterior thalami
8633/NFMB pset
tractus ascendens trunci encephali thalami
8634/NFMB pset
tractus efferens telencephali thalami
8635/NFMB pset
tractus efferens thalami
8637/NFMB set
tractus commissuralis epithalami
8638/NFMB set
tractus longus epithalami
8639/NFMB set
tractus efferens epithalami
9024/NFMB pset
radix centralis thalami
9033/NFMB single
substantia grisea prethalami
9104/NFMB single
substantia alba epithalami
9184/NFMB single
substantia grisea epithalami
12224/NFMB pair
nucleus cucullaris thalami
12397/NFMB pset
nucleus thalami
by apposition
14224/MFMB voc
nomen thalamus
By adjective
4022/AFMB pair
arteria tuberothalamica arteriae communicantis posterioris
5217/AF1B pair
tractus spinothalamicus ventralis (tractus spinothalamicus anterior )
5217/AFMB pair
tractus spinothalamicus anterior
5227/AFMB pair
tractus spinothalamicus lateralis
5325/AFMB pair
fibra spinothalamica
5462/AF1B pair
tractus trigeminothalamicus ventralis (tractus trigeminothalamicus anterior )
5462/AFMB pair
tractus trigeminothalamicus anterior
5463/AF1B pair
tractus trigeminothalamicus dorsalis (tractus trigeminothalamicus posterior )
5463/AFMB pair
tractus trigeminothalamicus posterior
5771/AFMB single
adhesio interthalamica
5880/AFMB pset
fibra intrathalamica
5883/AFMB pair
pars thalamica lemnisci medialis
5893/AFMB pair
nucleus subthalamicus
6258/AFMB del
radiatio thalamica posterior
7852/AFMB pset
cellula originis tractus spinothalamici lateralis columnae intermediae medullae spinalis spinalis
7958/AFMB pair
tractus cervicothalamicus
8293/AFMB pset
tractus trigeminothalamicus
8430/AFMB pair
tractus vestibulothalamicus
8454/AF1B pair
tractus trigeminothalamicus ventralis (tractus trigeminothalamicus anterior )
8454/AFMB pair
tractus trigeminothalamicus anterior
8455/AFMB pair
tractus trigeminothalamicus lateralis
8635/AF1B pset
radiatio thalamica (tractus efferens thalami )
9028/AFMB pair
eminentia prethalamica
12170/AFMB pair
tractus trigeminothalamicus lateralis
By prefix
4032/PFMB pair
arteria thalamoperforans
4036/PFMB pair
arteria thalamogeniculata
4608/PFMB pset
vena thalamostriatalis inferior
4616/PFMB pair
vena thalamostriatalis superior
Number of occurrences
94 items
Date: 25.06.2022