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nomen vinculum mixtum

Official Latin term nomen vinculum mixtum
Official subsidiary term mixed word link
Unit identifier TAH:U13786
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen vinculum mixtum
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen mixtum
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Usage of the word vinculum.

The word vinculum has two different meanings in the present terminology, that must be distinguished.

The first meaning is related to histology: a vinculum histologicum is a fine filament present in hair cells in internal ear.

The second meaning is related to the muscular system: a vinculum musculare is a link between a tendon and adjacent entities.

Vocabulary for 13786
nomen vinculum mixtum
Vocabulary for 13989
nomen vinculum histologicum
By noun
8279/NFMB set
vinculum stereociliare vestibulocyti
8282/NFMB set
vinculum apicale vestibulocyti
8285/NFMB set
vinculum laterale vestibulocyti
9264/NFMB set
vinculum stereociliare cochleocyti
9271/NFMB set
vinculum apicale cochleocyti
9273/NFMB set
vinculum laterale cochleocyti
9274/NFMB set
vinculum interordinale cochleocyti
9276/NFMB set
vinculum adhesionis membranae tectoriae ductus cochlearis auris internae
9277/NFMB single
lamina insertionis vinculi stereociliaris cochleocyti
13788/NFMB tax
vinculum histologicum
Vocabulary for 13785
nomen vinculum musculare
By noun
2222/NFMB pset
vinculum tendinum vaginae synovialis digitorum (vinculum tendinis vaginae synovialis digitorum )
2223/NFMB pset
vinculum longum vaginae synovialis digitorum
2224/NFMB pset
vinculum breve vaginae synovialis digitorum
2274/NFMB single
vinculum tendinis classis vaginarum synovialium digitorum pedis
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Date: 22.06.2022