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nomen oliva

Official Latin term nomen oliva
Official subsidiary term word olive
Unit identifier TAH:U13595
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis
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Vocabulary for 13595
nomen oliva
Reference 5353
complexus olivaris inferior
By noun
5274/NFMB pair
oliva rhombencephali caudalis (oliva inferior rhombencephali caudalis )
by apposition
13595/MFMB voc
nomen oliva
By adjective
5232/AFMB pair
pars spinalis tractus spinoolivaris
5272/AFMB pair
sulcus preolivaris rhombencephali caudalis
5276/AFMB pair
sulcus retroolivaris rhombencephali caudalis
5277/AFMB pair
area retroolivaris rhombencephali caudalis
5303/AFMB pair
amiculum olivare
5304/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica caudalis tractus spinoolivaris
5332/AFMB pset
fibra spinoolivaris
5353/AFMB pair
complexus olivaris inferior
5354/AFMB pair
nucleus olivaris principalis
5355/AF1B pair
lamella dorsalis nuclei olivaris principalis (lamella posterior nuclei olivaris principalis )
5355/AFMB pair
lamella posterior nuclei olivaris principalis
5356/AF1B pair
lamella ventralis nuclei olivaris principalis (lamella anterior nuclei olivaris principalis )
5356/AFMB pair
lamella anterior nuclei olivaris principalis
5357/AFMB pair
lamella lateralis nuclei olivaris principalis
5358/AFMB pair
hilum complexus olivaris inferioris
5359/AF1B pair
nucleus olivaris accessorius dorsalis (nucleus olivaris accessorius posterior )
5359/AFMB pair
nucleus olivaris accessorius posterior
5360/AFMB pair
nucleus olivaris accessorius medialis
5500/AFMB pair
complexus olivaris superior
5501/AFMB pair
nucleus olivaris superior lateralis
5502/AFMB pair
nucleus olivaris superior medialis
5503/AFMB pset
nucleus periolivaris
5504/AFMB pset
nucleus periolivaris medialis
5505/AFMB pset
nucleus periolivaris lateralis
5809/AFMB pair
nucleus pretectalis olivaris
8349/AF1B pset
neuron nucleoolivare (neuron projectabile parvum )
8491/AFMB pair
tractus pretectoolivaris
8492/AFMB pair
tractus prerubroolivaris
8729/AFMB pair
pars mesencephalica tractus pretectoolivaris
8730/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus pretectoolivaris
8731/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica caudalis tractus pretectoolivaris
8745/AFMB pair
pars mesencephalica tractus prerubroolivaris
8746/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus prerubroolivaris
8747/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica caudalis tractus prerubroolivaris
8755/AFMB pair
pars diencephalica tractus pretectoolivaris
8758/AFMB pair
pars diencephalica tractus prerubroolivaris
12547/AFMB pair
tractus spinoolivaris
By prefix
5305/PFMB pair
tractus olivocerebellaris
Number of occurrences
40 items
Date: 25.06.2022