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nomen os

Official Latin term nomen os
Official subsidiary term word bone
Unit identifier TAH:U13483
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality material
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis squeletalis
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Vocabulary for 13483
nomen os
By noun
271/NFMB single
os breve
272/NFMB single
os planum
273/NFMB single
os irregulare
274/NFMB single
os pneumaticum
275/NFMB single
os sesamoideum (os sesamoideum )
403/NFMB pair
os parietale
405/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus sigmoidei ossis parietalis
406/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris ossis parietalis
422/NFMB single
os frontale
435/NFMB pair
processus zygomaticus ossis frontalis
438/NFMB single
sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris ossis frontalis
439/NFMB single
foramen caecum ossis frontalis
453/NFMB single
os occipitale
484/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus sigmoidei ossis occipitalis
486/NFMB single
sulcus sinus marginalis ossis occipitalis
488/NFMB pair
fossa cerebralis ossis occipitalis
490/NFMB single
os sphenoidale
494/NFMB pair
sulcus prechiasmaticus ossis sphenoidalis
499/NFMB single
dorsum sellae turcicae ossis sphenoidalis
501/NFMB pair
sulcus caroticus ossis sphenoidalis
502/NFMB pair
lingula ossis sphenoidalis
510/NFMB pair
canalis opticus ossis sphenoidalis
512/NFMB pair
fissura orbitalis superior ossis sphenoidalis
530/NFMB pair
sulcus tubae auditivae ossis sphenoidalis
536/NFMB pair
fossa scaphoidea ossis sphenoidalis
544/NFMB pair
os temporale
545/NFMB pair
pars petrosa ossis temporalis
549/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus sigmoidei ossis temporalis
556/NFMB pair
canalis caroticus ossis temporalis
589/NFMB pair
processus intrajugularis ossis temporalis
590/NFMB pair
processus styloideus ossis temporalis
593/NFMB pair
fossula petrosa ossis temporalis
594/NFMB pair
cavitas tympani (cavitas tympani )
595/NFMB pair
pars tympanica ossis temporalis
601/NFMB pair
sulcus tympanicus ossis temporalis
604/NFMB pair
pars squamosa ossis temporalis
605/NFMB pair
margo parietalis ossis temporalis
607/NFMB pair
margo sphenoidalis ossis temporalis
610/NFMB pair
processus zygomaticus ossis temporalis
614/NFMB pair
fossa mandibularis ossis temporalis
615/NFMB pair
facies articularis ossis temporalis
616/NFMB pair
tuberculum articulare ossis temporalis
622/NFMB single
os ethmoidale
623/NFMB single
lamina cribrosa ossis ethmoidalis
624/NFMB set
foramen cribrosum ossis ethmoidalis
637/NFMB pair
processus uncinatus ossis ethmoidalis
644/NFMB pair
os lacrimale
648/NFMB pair
os nasale
656/NF1B pair
os maxillare
657/NFMB pair
corpus maxillae
683/NFMB pair
processus zygomaticus maxillae
691/NFMB pair
arcus alveolaris maxillae
696/NFMB pair
os palatinum
715/NFMB pair
os zygomaticum
764/NFMB single
os hyoideum
894/NFMB tax
os membri superioris
930/NFMB pset
os membri superioris liberi
997/NFMB pset
os manus
998/NF1B pset
os carpi
998/NFMB pset
os carpale
1000/NFMB pair
os scaphoideum
1001/NFMB pair
tuberculum ossis scaphoidei
1002/NFMB pair
os lunatum
1003/NFMB pair
os triquetrum
1004/NFMB pair
os pisiforme
1005/NFMB pair
os trapezium
1006/NFMB pair
tuberculum ossis trapezii
1007/NFMB pair
os trapezoideum
1008/NFMB pair
os capitatum
1009/NFMB pair
os hamatum
1012/NF1B pset
os metacarpi
1012/NFMB pset
os metacarpale
1016/NFMB pair
processus styloideus ossis metacarpalis digiti medii
1026/NFMB pset
os sesamoideum manus
1027/NFMB tax
os membri inferioris
1177/NFMB pset
os pedis
1178/NF1B pset
os tarsi
1178/NFMB pset
os tarsale
1199/NFMB pair
os trigonum
1215/NFMB pair
os naviculare pedis
1220/NFMB single
os cuboideum
1224/NF1B pset
os metatarsi
1224/NFMB pset
os metatarsale
1239/NFMB pset
os sesamoideum pedis
9551/NFMB tax
segmentum ossis
10463/NFMB tax
10465/NFMB tax
os carpale proximale
10466/NFMB tax
os carpale distale
10473/NFMB single
os cuneiforme
10846/NFMB pair
os metacarpale pollicis
10847/NFMB pair
os metacarpale indicis
10859/NFMB pair
os metacarpale digiti medii manus
10863/NFMB pair
os metacarpale digiti anularis
10877/NFMB pair
os metacarpale digiti minimi
10895/NFMB pair
os metatarsale hallucis pedis
10896/NFMB pair
os metatarsale digiti secundi pedis
10897/NFMB pair
os metatarsale digiti tertii pedis
10898/NFMB pair
os metatarsale digiti quarti pedis
10899/NFMB pair
os metatarsale digiti minimi pedis
11258/NFMB tax
zona ossis
11259/NFMB tax
zona ossis irregularis
11291/NFMB tax
zona ossis plani
11294/NFMB tax
zona ossis brevis
13688/NFMB tax
zona ossis plani cranii
13705/NFMB tax
zona ossis temporalis
13865/NFMB tax
cavitas ossis
14011/NFMB tax
pars petrosa propria ossis temporalis
21276/NFMB single
os irregulare cranii
21277/NFMB single
os columnae vertebralis
21278/NFMB tax
os abnormale
21279/NFMB single
os supernumerarium
21280/NFMB single
os accessorium
21281/NFMB single
os accessorium cranii
21282/NFMB single
os accessorium columnae vertebralis
21283/NFMB single
os accessorium cavitatis thoracicae
21284/NFMB single
os accessorium manus
21285/NFMB single
os accessorium pedis
21289/NFMB single
os supernumerarium metacarpi
21290/NFMB single
os supernumerarium metatarsi
21291/NFMB single
os planum cranii
By adjective
390/AFMB single
cavitas nasalis ossea
391/AFMB single
septum osseum nasi (septum osseum nasi )
392/AFMB pair
apertura piriformis septi ossei nasi
397/AFMB single
meatus nasi communis osseus
2203/AFMB pair
bursa cubitalis interossea
4161/AFMB pair
arteria interossea communis
4162/AFMB pair
arteria interossea anterior
4164/AFMB pair
arteria interossea posterior
4165/AFMB pair
ramus perforans arteriae interosseae posterioris
4166/AFMB pair
arteria interossea recurrens
7236/AFMB pair
pars ossea tubae auditivae
7249/AFMB pair
labyrinthus osseus
7257/AFMB pset
macula cribrosa labyrinthi ossei
7263/AFMB pair
ampulla ossea anterior canalis semicircularis
7265/AFMB pair
ampulla ossea posterior canalis semicircularis
7266/AFMB pair
crus osseum commune
7267/AFMB pset
crus osseum ampullare
7269/AFMB pair
ampulla ossea lateralis canalis semicircularis
7270/AFMB pair
crus osseum simplex
7275/AFMB pair
lamina spiralis ossea
7279/AFMB pair
hamulus laminae spiralis osseae
8088/AFMB pair
meatus acusticus externus osseus
8235/AFMB pair
tunica mucosa partis osseae tubae auditivae
13789/AFMB tax
zona labyrinthi ossei
13794/AFMB tax
zona laminae spiralis osseae
13866/AFMB tax
cavitas intraossea
13965/AFMB tax
divisio labyrinthi ossei
14013/AFMB tax
paries labyrinthi ossei
Vocabulary by string
os suturale
os interparietale
os incisivum
os sacrum
os centrale
os coxae
os cuneiforme mediale
os cuneiforme intermedium
os cuneiforme laterale
os cranii
os membri inferioris
os suprasternalis
pars ossea
palatum osseum
meatus superior osseus
meatus medius osseus
meatus inferior osseus
meatus nasopharyngeus osseus
apertura nasalis ossea posterior
junctura ossea
pars ossea septi nasi
meatus nasalis osseus
medulla ossea
textus osseus
textus osseus compactus
textus osseus spongiosus
Number of occurrences
174 items
Date: 19.06.2022