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nomen prominentia

Official Latin term nomen prominentia
Official subsidiary term word prominence
Unit identifier TAH:U13450
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality material
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei unspecificati
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Vocabulary for 13450
nomen prominentia
By noun
7158/NFMB pair
prominentia mallearis
7168/NF1B pair
prominentia styloidea (eminentia styloidea )
7183/NFMB pair
prominentia canalis semicircularis lateralis
7184/NFMB pair
prominentia canalis nervi facialis
7342/NFMB pair
prominentia spiralis
By adjective
818/AFMB single
vertebra prominens
7343/AFMB pair
vas prominens ductus cochlearis auris internae auris internae
10336/AFMB pair
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae prominentis
10655/AFMB pair
lamina vertebrae prominentis
10706/AFMB pair
uncus corporis vertebrae prominentis
10707/AFMB pair
foramen transversarium vertebrae prominentis
11110/AFMB single
discus intervertebralis vertebrae prominentis
13555/AFMB single
corpus vertebrae prominentis
15011/AFMB pair
pediculus vertebrae prominentis
15016/AFMB pair
incisura vertebralis inferior vertebrae prominentis
15017/AFMB single
foramen vertebrale vertebrae prominentis
15019/AFMB pair
processus transversus vertebrae prominentis
15020/AFMB pair
processus articularis superior vertebrae prominentis
15022/AFMB pair
processus articularis inferior vertebrae prominentis
15074/AFMB single
arcus vertebrae prominentis
Vocabulary by string
prominentia laryngea
Number of occurrences
21 items
Date: 24.06.2022