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nomen flexor

Official Latin term nomen flexor
Official subsidiary term flexor word
Unit identifier TAH:U13424
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis muscularis
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Vocabulary for 13424
nomen flexor
by apposition
1646/MFMB tax
musculus flexor
2007/MFMB pair
musculus flexor carpi radialis (musculus flexor radialis carpi )
2009/MFMB pair
musculus flexor carpi ulnaris (musculus flexor ulnaris carpi )
2010/MFMB pair
caput humerale musculi flexoris carpi ulnaris
2011/MFMB pair
caput ulnare musculi flexoris carpi ulnaris
2012/MFMB pair
musculus flexor digitorum superficialis
2013/MFMB pair
caput humeroulnare musculi flexoris digitorum superficialis
2014/MFMB pair
caput radiale musculi flexoris digitorum superficialis
2015/MFMB pair
musculus flexor digitorum profundus (musculus flexor profundus digitorum )
2016/MFMB pair
musculus flexor longus pollicis
2034/MFMB pair
musculus flexor pollicis brevis
2035/MFMB pair
caput superficiale musculi flexoris pollicis brevis
2036/MFMB pair
caput profundum musculi flexoris pollicis brevis
2042/MFMB pair
musculus flexor digiti minimi brevis
2059/MFMB pair
retinaculum musculorum flexorum
2122/MFMB pair
musculus flexor digitorum longus (musculus flexor digitorum pedis longus )
2123/MFMB pair
musculus flexor hallucis longus
2127/MFMB pair
musculus flexor hallucis brevis
2128/MFMB pair
caput mediale musculi flexoris hallucis brevis
2129/MFMB pair
caput laterale musculi flexoris hallucis brevis
2136/MFMB pair
musculus flexor digiti minimi pedis brevis
2137/MFMB pair
musculus flexor digitorum pedis brevis
2208/MFMB pair
vagina tendinis musculi flexoris longi pollicis (vagina tendinea musculi flexoris longi pollicis )
2209/MFMB pair
vagina tendinis musculi flexoris carpi radialis (vagina tendinea musculi flexoris carpi radialis )
10443/MFMB tax
tendo musculi flexoris hallucis longi
10722/MFMB tax
caput musculi flexoris carpi ulnaris
10723/MFMB tax
zona musculi flexoris digitorum superficialis
10965/MFMB tax
caput musculi flexoris digitorum superficialis
12873/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris carpi ulnaris
12874/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
12881/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris longi pollicis
12883/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
12885/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris carpi radialis
12887/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris digitorum superficialis
12912/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris digitorum longi
12913/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris hallucis longi
12950/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris digitorum pedis brevis
12951/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris hallucis brevis
12958/MFMB pair
ramus musculi flexoris digiti minimi pedis brevis
13424/MFMB voc
nomen flexor
14506/MFMB tax
tendo musculorum flexorum (tendo musculi flexoris )
14507/MFMB pair
tendo musculi flexoris carpi radialis
14508/MFMB pair
tendo musculi flexoris longi pollicis
14510/MFMB pset
tendo distalis musculi flexoris digitorum superficialis
14515/MFMB pset
tendo distalis musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14516/MFMB pair
tendo indicis musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14517/MFMB pair
tendo digiti medii manus musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14518/MFMB pair
tendo digiti anularis musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14519/MFMB pair
tendo digiti minimi musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14537/MFMB tax
caput musculi flexoris pollicis brevis
By adjective
45/AFMB tax
2167/AFMB pair
retinaculum musculorum flexorum (retinaculum flexorium )
15029/AFMB tax
retinaculum flexorium tali
15307/AFMB pair
tendo flexorius communis
Vocabulary by string
vagina tendinum musculi flexoris digitorum longi
Number of occurrences
55 items
Date: 02.01.2023