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nomen rostralis

Official Latin term nomen rostralis
Official subsidiary term word rostral
Unit identifier TAH:U13393
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen rostralis
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen unspecificatus
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Vocabulary for 13393
nomen rostralis
By adjective
21/AFMB tax
3950/AFMB pset
ramus substantiae perforatae anterioris arteriae choroideae anterioris (ramus substantiae perforatae anterioris arteriae choroideae anterioris )
5298/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis lemnisci medialis
5338/AFMB pair
pars rostralis nuclei gracilis
5342/AFMB pair
pars rostralis nuclei cuneati
5431/AF1B single
pars basilaris rhombencephali rostralis (pons )
5434/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus corticospinalis
5435/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis nominis nominis
5436/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus corticoreticularis
5440/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis fibrae pontocerebellaris
5453/AFMB single
substantia alba rhombencephali rostralis
5456/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis fasciculi longitudinalis posterioris
5481/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus interstitiospinalis
5483/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus rubrospinalis
5538/AF1B pair
nucleus reticularis rostralis pontis (nucleus reticularis oralis pontis )
6292/AFMB pset
cellulae noradrenergicae rhombencephali rostralis laterales (cellula noradrenergica lateralis rhombencephali rostralis )
7750/AFMB set
cisterna basalis rostralis
7756/AFMB pset
cisterna lateralis rostralis
7762/AFMB set
cisterna dorsalis rostralis
7951/AFMB pset
fibra spinoreticularis rhombencephali rostralis
8078/AFMB pair
centrum respiratorium ventrale rostrale
8084/AFMB pair
centrum vasomotorium medullae ventrolaterale rostrale (centrum vasomotorium medullare ventrolaterale rostrale )
8147/AFMB pair
nucleus interstitialis rostralis fasciculi longitudinalis medialis telencephali
8278/AFMB pset
radix centralis rhombencephali rostralis
8286/AFMB pset
tractus intrinsicus rhombencephali rostralis
8289/AFMB pset
tractus longus rhombencephali rostralis
8290/AFMB pset
tractus ascendens spinalis rhombencephali rostralis
8320/AFMB pset
tractus efferens cerebellaris rhombencephali rostralis
8325/AFMB pset
tractus afferens cerebelli rhombencephali rostralis (tractus afferens cerebellaris rhombencephali rostralis )
8327/AFMB pset
tractus descendens rhombencephali rostralis
8354/AFMB pset
nucleus viscerosensorius rhombencephali rostralis
8358/AF1B pset
nucleus auditorius rhombencephali rostralis (nucleus acusticus rhombencephali rostralis )
8358/AFMB pset
nucleus acusticus rhombencephali rostralis
8362/AFMB pset
nucleus visceromotorius rhombencephali rostralis
8366/AFMB pset
nucleus rostralis tractus paramediani (nucleus rostralis partis cerebellaris fibrae pontocerebellaris )
8368/AFMB pair
cupula rostralis nuclei nervi abducentis
8372/AFMB pset
fibra spinorhombencephalica rostralis
8383/AFMB pset
nucleus vestibularis rhombencephali rostralis
8386/AFMB pset
nucleus branchiomotorius rhombencephali rostralis
8388/AFMB pset
nucleus reticularis rhombencephali rostralis
8390/AFMB pset
nucleus precerebellaris rhombencephali rostralis
8392/AFMB pset
nucleus somatosensorius rhombencephali rostralis
8394/AFMB pset
nucleus somatomotorius rhombencephali rostralis
8396/AFMB set
nucleus neuromodulatorius rhombencephali rostralis
8397/AFMB set
nucleus raphes rhombencephali rostralis
8398/AFMB pset
nucleus noradrenergicus rhombencephali rostralis
8400/AFMB pset
nucleus cholinergicus rhombencephali rostralis
8404/AFMB pset
nucleus limbicus rhombencephali rostralis
8419/AFMB pair
tractus spinocerebellaris rostralis
8586/AFMB pair
nucleus linearis rostralis
8682/AF1B pair
substantia perforata rostralis (substantia perforata anterior )
8730/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus pretectoolivaris
8746/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus prerubroolivaris
9052/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus habenulointerpeduncularis
9462/AFMB pset
radix centralis rhombencephali rostralis
11769/AFMB pset
tractus commissuralis rhombencephali rostralis
11847/AFMB tax
morphologia externa rhombencephali rostralis
11848/AFMB tax
morphologia interna rhombencephali rostralis
11865/AFMB single
rhombencephalon rostrale
11867/AFMB single
substantia grisea rhombencephali rostralis
11971/AFMB single
origo rhombencephali rostralis
12162/AFMB pair
sulcus rostralis superior
12163/AFMB pair
sulcus rostralis inferior
12387/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus tectospinalis
14231/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus tegmentalis centralis
14239/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus spinothalamici
14242/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus pyramidalis
14393/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus anterolateralis
14565/AFMB tax
pars longitudinalis tractus rhombencephali rostralis
14582/AFMB tax
pars longitudinalis ascendens rhombencephali rostralis
By prefix
5339/PFMB pair
subnucleus rostrodorsalis nuclei gracilis
Number of occurrences
71 items
Date: 24.06.2022