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nomen ventriculus

Official Latin term nomen ventriculus
Official subsidiary term word ventricle
Unit identifier TAH:U13390
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen unspecificatus
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Vocabulary for 13390
nomen ventriculus
By noun
3948/NFMB pset
ramus choroideus ventriculi lateralis arteriae choroideae anterioris
3949/NFMB pset
ramus choroideus ventriculi tertii arteriae choroideae anterioris
4064/NFMB pset
ramus choroideus ventriculi quarti
4619/NFMB pair
vena medialis ventriculi lateralis
4620/NFMB pair
vena lateralis ventriculi lateralis
5126/NFMB single
tela choroidea ventriculi quarti
5127/NFMB single
plexus choroideus ventriculi quarti
5128/NFMB single
tela choroidea ventriculi tertii
5129/NFMB pair
plexus choroideus ventriculi tertii
5130/NFMB pair
plexus choroideus ventriculi lateralis
5143/NFMB single
ventriculus terminalis medullae spinalis
5546/NFMB single
ventriculus quartus
5547/NFMB single
fossa rhomboidea ventriculi quarti
5548/NFMB single
sulcus medianus ventriculi quarti
5549/NFMB pair
eminentia medialis ventriculi quarti
5550/NFMB pair
colliculus facialis ventriculi quarti
5551/NFMB pair
locus caeruleus ventriculi quarti
5552/NFMB pset
stria medullaris ventriculi quarti
5553/NF1B pair
trigonum hypoglossum ventriculi quarti (trigonum nervi hypoglossi ventriculi quarti )
5553/NFMB pair
trigonum nervi hypoglossi ventriculi quarti
5554/NF1B pair
trigonum vagale ventriculi quarti (trigonum nervi vagi ventriculi quarti )
5554/NFMB pair
trigonum nervi vagi ventriculi quarti
5556/NFMB pair
funiculus separans ventriculi quarti
5557/NFMB pair
taenia cinerea ventriculi quarti
5558/NFMB single
tegmen ventriculi quarti
5559/NFMB single
fastigium ventriculi quarti
5562/NFMB pair
recessus lateralis ventriculi quarti
5563/NFMB pair
apertura lateralis ventriculi quarti
5564/NFMB single
velum medullare superius ventriculi quarti
5566/NFMB single
velum medullare inferius ventriculi quarti
5567/NFMB single
apertura mediana ventriculi quarti
5569/NFMB pair
sulcus limitans ventriculi quarti
5570/NFMB pair
fovea superior ventriculi quarti
5571/NFMB pair
fovea inferior ventriculi quarti
5788/NFMB single
ventriculus tertius
6108/NFMB pair
ventriculus lateralis
6109/NF1B pair
cornu anterius ventriculi lateralis (cornu frontale ventriculi lateralis )
6109/NFMB pair
cornu frontale ventriculi lateralis
6110/NF1B pair
corpus ventriculi lateralis (pars centralis ventriculi lateralis )
6110/NFMB pair
pars centralis ventriculi lateralis
6113/NFMB pair
taenia choroidea ventriculi lateralis
6114/NFMB pair
fissura choroidea ventriculi lateralis
6116/NFMB pair
trigonum collaterale ventriculi lateralis
6117/NFMB pair
atrium ventriculi lateralis
6118/NFMB pair
eminentia collateralis ventriculi lateralis
6122/NF1B pair
cornu posterius ventriculi lateralis (cornu occipitale ventriculi lateralis )
6122/NFMB pair
cornu occipitale ventriculi lateralis
6123/NF1B pair
cornu inferius ventriculi lateralis (cornu temporale ventriculi lateralis )
6123/NFMB pair
cornu temporale ventriculi lateralis
8277/NFMB pair
tuberculum acusticum ventriculi quarti
11442/NFMB single
regio parietis ventriculi quarti
By adjective
3688/AFMB single
valva atrioventricularis sinistra
5789/AFMB pair
foramen interventriculare
8276/AFMB single
systema ventriculare
19598/AFMB tax
regio systematis ventricularis systematis nervosi centralis
19870/AFMB tax
regio parietis systematis ventricularis
Vocabulary by string
ventriculus laryngis
ventriculus cordis
ventriculus dexter
ventriculus sinister
nomen ventriculus neuraxis
ventriculus cerebri
classis venarum ventricularium dextrarum
classis venarum ventricularium sinistrarum
Number of occurrences
64 items
Date: 24.06.2022