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nomen mastoideus

Official Latin term nomen mastoideus
Official subsidiary term mastoid word
Unit identifier TAH:U13084
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis squeletalis
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Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition The mastoid word is a word of skeletal system [nomen systematis squeletalis] which denotes the mastoid process [processus mastoideus ] of the temporal bone [os temporale ] or any related entity.
Vocabulary for 13084
nomen mastoideus
by apposition
13084/MFMB voc
nomen mastoideus
By adjective
547/AFMB pair
processus mastoideus
548/AFMB pair
incisura mastoidea
551/AFMB pair
foramen mastoideum
587/AFMB pair
canaliculus mastoideus
591/AFMB pair
foramen stylomastoideum
611/AFMB pair
crista supramastoidea
620/AFMB pair
fissura tympanomastoidea
1738/AFMB pair
musculus sternocleidomastoideus
3811/AFMB pair
ramus sternocleidomastoideus arteriae thyroideae superioris
3838/AFMB pair
ramus mastoideus arteriae occipitalis
3840/AFMB pset
ramus sternocleidomastoideus arteriae occipitalis
3845/AFMB pair
arteria stylomastoidea
3847/AFMB pset
ramus mastoideus arteriae tympanicae posterioris
4548/AFMB single
vena stylomastoidea
4581/AFMB pair
vena emissaria mastoidea
4903/AFMB pair
nodus mastoideus
7181/AFMB pair
paries mastoideus auris mediae
7182/AFMB pair
aditus antri mastoidei
7189/AFMB pair
antrum mastoideum
7190/AFMB pset
cellula mastoidea
8610/AFMB pair
pars mastoidea nervi facialis
9370/AFMB pair
ramus sternocleidomastoideus nervi accessorii
15238/AFMB pair
caput sternale musculi sternocleidomastoidei
15239/AFMB pair
caput claviculare musculi sternocleidomastoidei
Vocabulary by string
regio mastoidea
fonticulus mastoideus
angulus mastoideus
margo mastoideus
Number of occurrences
29 items
Date: 12.12.2022