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nomen canaliculus

Official Latin term nomen canaliculus
Official subsidiary term word canaliculus
Unit identifier TAH:U13075
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 13075
nomen canaliculus
By noun
554/NFMB pair
canaliculus posterior chordae tympani
559/NFMB pset
canaliculus caroticotympanicus
578/NFMB pair
canaliculus vestibuli (canaliculus vestibularis )
585/NFMB pair
canaliculus cochleae (canaliculus cochlearis )
587/NFMB pair
canaliculus mastoideus
592/NFMB pair
canaliculus tympanicus
7365/NFMB pair
ramus vestibularis posterior canaliculi lacrimalis superioris
7380/NFMB set
canaliculus gustatorius
7633/NFMB pair
canaliculus lacrimalis communis
7634/NFMB pair
canaliculus lacrimalis superior
7635/NFMB pair
ampulla canaliculi lacrimalis superioris
7636/NFMB pair
canaliculus lacrimalis inferior
7637/NFMB pair
ampulla canaliculi lacrimalis inferioris
8202/NFMB pair
apertura tympani canaliculi tympani (apertura tympanica canaliculi tympanici )
8208/NFMB pair
apertura tympanica canaliculi chordae tympani posterioris (apertura tympanica canaliculi posterioris chordae tympani )
8380/NFMB pair
apertura tympanica canaliculi chordae tympani anterioris (apertura tympanica canaliculi anterioris chordae tympani )
8927/NFMB pair
ramus vestibularis anterior canaliculi lacrimalis superioris
14062/NFMB pair
canaliculus subcochlearis
14132/NFMB pair
canaliculus anterior chordae tympani
Vocabulary by string
canaliculus lacrimalis
canaliculus caroticotympanicus
Number of occurrences
21 items
Date: 24.06.2022