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nomen tendo

Official Latin term nomen tendo
Official subsidiary term tendon word
Unit identifier TAH:U13055
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis muscularis
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Vocabulary for 13055
nomen tendo
By noun
1967/NFMB single
tendo musculi pubococcygei
2060/NFMB pair
chiasma tendinis distalis musculi flexoris digitorum superficialis
2118/NFMB pair
tendo calcanei (tendo calcanealis )
2205/NFMB pair
vagina tendinis intertubercularis
2210/NFMB pair
vagina communis tendinum musculorum flexorum (vagina communis tendinum musculorum flexorum )
2214/NFMB pair
vagina tendinis musculi extensoris pollicis longi
2215/NFMB pair
vagina tendinis distalis musculi extensoris digitorum superficialis
2216/NFMB pair
vagina tendinis musculi extensoris digiti minimi
2217/NFMB pair
vagina tendinis musculi extensoris carpi ulnaris
2256/NFMB pair
bursa tendinis calcanei
2257/NFMB pset
vagina tendinum membri inferioris
2259/NFMB pair
vagina tendinum musculi tibialis anterioris
2260/NFMB pair
vagina tendinum musculi extensoris hallucis longi
2261/NFMB pair
vagina tendinum musculi extensoris digitorum longi
2269/NFMB pset
vagina tendinum digitorum pedis
3641/NFMB del
tendo infundibuli
3642/NF1B single
tendo valvulae venae cavae inferioris (tendo spatii pyramidalis inferioris )
3642/NFMB single
tendo spatii pyramidalis inferioris
10651/NFMB tax
tendo musculi bicipitis brachii
10652/NFMB tax
tendo proximalis musculi bicipitis brachii
10717/NFMB tax
tendo capitis longi musculi bicipitis brachii
14503/NFMB pair
tendo intertubercularis
14504/NFMB tax
tendo membri superioris
14505/NFMB tax
tendo membri inferioris
14506/NFMB tax
tendo musculorum flexorum (tendo musculi flexoris )
14507/NFMB pair
tendo musculi flexoris carpi radialis
14508/NFMB pair
tendo musculi flexoris longi pollicis
14510/NFMB pset
tendo distalis musculi flexoris digitorum superficialis
14511/NFMB pair
tendo indicis
14512/NFMB pair
tendo digiti medii manus manus
14513/NFMB pair
tendo digiti anularis
14514/NFMB pair
tendo digiti minimi
14515/NFMB pset
tendo distalis musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14516/NFMB pair
tendo indicis musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14517/NFMB pair
tendo digiti medii manus musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14518/NFMB pair
tendo digiti anularis musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14519/NFMB pair
tendo digiti minimi musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
14520/NFMB pair
tendo musculi extensoris carpi ulnaris
14524/NFMB pair
tendo musculi extensoris pollicis longi
14525/NFMB pair
tendo musculi extensoris digiti minimi
14526/NFMB pset
tendo distalis musculi extensoris digitorum superficialis
14554/NFMB pair
tendo extensorius communis
14951/NFMB pair
tendo digitorum pedis
14952/NFMB pair
tendo musculi tibialis anterioris
14953/NFMB pair
tendo musculi extensoris hallucis longi
14954/NFMB pair
tendo musculi extensoris digitorum longi
15229/NFMB pair
tendo musculi abductoris pollicis longi
15240/NFMB pair
tendo intermedius musculi digastrici
15255/NFMB pair
tendo intermedius musculi omohyoidei
15256/NFMB tax
tendo musculi digastrici
15259/NFMB pair
tendo indicis
15260/NFMB pair
tendo digiti medii manus manus
15261/NFMB pair
tendo digiti anularis
15262/NFMB pair
tendo digiti minimi
15275/NFMB pair
tendo musculi quadricipitis femoris
15294/NFMB pair
tendo musculi extensoris pollicis brevis
15296/NFMB pair
pars tendinis musculi abductoris pollicis longi
15297/NFMB pair
pars tendinis musculi extensoris pollicis brevis
15307/NFMB pair
tendo flexorius communis
by apposition
13055/MFMB voc
nomen tendo
By adjective
1868/AFMB single
centrum tendineum
1875/AFMB pset
intersectio tendinea musculi recti abdominis
1937/AFMB single
arcus tendineus fasciae pelvis
1959/AFMB single
arcus tendineus musculi levatoris ani
2022/AFMB pset
connexus intertendineus
2165/AFMB pair
arcus tendineus musculi solei
2190/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea musculi trapezii
2195/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea musculi infraspinati
2196/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea musculi subscapularis
2197/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea musculi teretis majoris
2198/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea musculi latissimi dorsi
2200/AFMB pair
bursa intratendinea olecrani
2201/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea musculi tricipitis brachii
2204/AFMB pset
vagina tendinum membri superioris (vagina tendinea membri superioris )
2206/AFMB pset
vagina tendinum carpalis (vagina tendinea carpalis )
2207/AFMB pset
vagina tendinum carpalis palmaris (vagina tendinea carpalis palmaris )
2208/AFMB pair
vagina tendinis musculi flexoris longi pollicis (vagina tendinea musculi flexoris longi pollicis )
2209/AFMB pair
vagina tendinis musculi flexoris carpi radialis (vagina tendinea musculi flexoris carpi radialis )
2211/AFMB pset
vagina tendinum carpalis dorsalis (vagina tendinea carpalis dorsalis )
2212/AFMB pair
vagina tendinis pollicis communis (vagina tendinea communis )
2232/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea musculi obturatorii interni
2236/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea iliaca
2240/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea prepatellaris
2245/AFMB pset
bursa subtendinea musculi sartorii
2247/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea inferior musculi bicipitis femoris
2249/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea capitis lateralis musculi gastrocnemii
2250/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea capitis medialis musculi gastrocnemii
2254/AFMB pair
bursa subtendinea musculi tibialis anterioris
3636/AFMB set
chorda tendinea valvae atrioventricularis dextrae
3637/AFMB set
chorda tendinea spuria ventriculi dextri
7044/AFMB pair
anulus tendineus communis
7047/AFMB pair
vagina tendinis musculi obliqui superioris (vagina tendinea musculi obliqui superioris )
14460/AFMB pair
cuffia musculotendinea
14461/AFMB pset
musculus cuffiae musculotendineae
14532/AFMB tax
regio myotendinea organi musculi
14879/AFMB set
chorda tendinea valvae atrioventricularis sinistrae
14880/AFMB set
chorda tendinea spuria ventriculi sinistri
14893/AFMB tax
chorda tendinea
15113/AFMB tax
bursa subtendinea
15286/AFMB pair
arcus tendineus musculi solei
15338/AFMB tax
vagina tendinea synovialis
15339/AFMB tax
vagina tendinea synovialis manus
Vocabulary by string
tendo intermedius
tendo cricooesophageus
intersectio tendinea
arcus tendineus
Number of occurrences
107 items
Date: 02.01.2023