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nomen ulna

Official Latin term nomen ulna
Official subsidiary term word ulna
Unit identifier TAH:U12947
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen ulna
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis squeletalis
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Vocabulary for 12947
nomen ulna
By noun
980/NFMB pair
996/NFMB pair
processus styloideus ulnae
4160/NFMB pair
arteria nutricia ulnae
14646/NFMB tax
zona ulnae
14647/NFMB tax
processus ulnae
By adjective
2024/AFMB pair
musculus extensor carpi ulnaris
2025/AFMB pair
caput humerale musculi extensoris carpi ulnaris
2026/AFMB pair
caput ulnare musculi extensoris carpi ulnaris
4156/AFMB pair
arteria recurrens ulnaris
4157/AFMB pair
ramus anterior arteriae recurrentis ulnaris
4158/AFMB pair
ramus posterior arteriae recurrentis ulnaris
4721/AFMB single
vena ulnaris
6623/AFMB pair
nervus interosseus antebrachii anterior (nervus interosseus antebrachii anterior )
6629/AFMB pair
nervus ulnaris
6630/AFMB pset
ramus muscularis nervi ulnaris
6631/AFMB pair
ramus dorsalis nervi ulnaris
6633/AFMB pair
ramus palmaris nervi ulnaris
6634/AFMB pair
ramus superficialis nervi ulnaris
6635/AFMB pset
nervus digitalis palmaris communis nervi ulnaris
6636/AFMB pset
nervus digitalis palmaris intrinsicus nervi ulnaris
6637/AFMB pair
ramus profundus nervi ulnaris
6646/AFMB del
ramus communicans ulnaris nervi radialis
9684/AFMB pair
radix lateralis nervi ulnaris
12866/AFMB pair
ramus musculi extensoris carpi ulnaris
13765/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis dorsalis secunda ulnaris
13767/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis dorsalis tertia ulnaris
13769/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis dorsalis quarta ulnaris
13771/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis dorsalis quinta ulnaris
13814/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis palmaris propria secunda ulnaris
13816/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis palmaris propria tertia ulnaris
13818/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis palmaris propria quarta ulnaris
13820/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis palmaris propria quinta ulnaris
14520/AFMB pair
tendo musculi extensoris carpi ulnaris
Vocabulary by string
margo ulnaris antebrachii
sulcus nervi ulnaris humeri
incisura ulnaris radii
ligamentum collaterale carpi ulnare
canalis ulnaris
Number of occurrences
38 items
Date: 19.06.2022