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nomen stratum

Official Latin term nomen stratum
Official subsidiary term word layer
Unit identifier TAH:U12925
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen stratum
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis
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Vocabulary for 12925
nomen stratum
By noun
2548/NFMB single
stratum circulare tunicae muscularis gastris
2564/NFMB single
stratum circulare tunicae muscularis intestini tenuis
2628/NFMB single
stratum circulare coli
2643/NFMB single
stratum circulare recti
3128/NFMB single
stratum circulare musculi detrusoris vesicae urinariae
3264/NFMB single
stratum circulare tunicae muscularis urethrae femininae
3395/NFMB single
stratum circulare tunicae muscularis urethrae prostaticae
5674/NFMB pair
stratum zonale colliculi superioris
5675/NFMB pair
stratum griseum superficiale colliculi superioris
5676/NFMB pair
stratum opticum colliculi superioris
5677/NFMB pair
stratum griseum intermedium colliculi superioris
5678/NFMB pair
stratum medullare intermedium colliculi superioris
5679/NFMB pair
stratum griseum profundum colliculi superioris
5680/NFMB pair
stratum medullare profundum colliculi superioris
5746/NFMB single
stratum granulare corticis cerebelli
5747/NFMB single
stratum purkinjense corticis cerebelli
5748/NFMB single
stratum moleculare corticis cerebelli
5901/NFMB pset
stratum koniocellulare
5902/NFMB pset
stratum magnocellulare
5903/NFMB pset
stratum parvocellulare
6131/NFMB pset
stratum isocorticis
6157/NFMB pset
stratum hippocampi
6158/NFMB pair
stratum lacunomoleculare
6159/NFMB pair
stratum oriens
6160/NFMB pair
stratum pyramidale
6161/NFMB pair
stratum radiatum
6163/NFMB pset
stratum gyri dentati
6164/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare gyri dentati
6165/NFMB pair
stratum granulare gyri dentati
6166/NFMB pair
stratum multiforme gyri dentati
6182/NFMB pset
stratum regionis retrobulbaris
6956/NFMB pair
stratum pigmentosum retinae
6957/NFMB pset
stratum nervosum retinae
6958/NFMB pair
stratum segmentorum externorum internorum retinae (stratum )
6959/NFMB pair
stratum limitans externum retinae
6960/NFMB pair
stratum nucleare externum retinae
6961/NFMB pair
stratum plexiforme externum retinae
6962/NFMB pair
stratum nucleare internum retinae
6963/NFMB pair
stratum plexiforme internum retinae
6964/NFMB pair
stratum ganglionicum retinae
6965/NFMB pair
stratum neuro fibrarum retinae (stratum neurofibrare retinae )
6966/NFMB pair
stratum limitans internum retinae
7442/NFMB single
stratum fibrosum panniculi adiposi
7455/NFMB pair
stratum fibrosum internum choroideae
7456/NFMB pair
stratum elasticum choroideae
7457/NFMB pair
stratum fibrosum externum choroideae
7493/NFMB pair
stratum limitans anterius iridis
7495/NFMB pair
stratum anterius nonvasculosum iridicum
7496/NFMB pair
stratum posterius vasculosum iridicum
7645/NFMB pset
stratum retinae
7646/NFMB pair
stratum pigmentosum foveae centralis retinae
7647/NFMB pair
stratum nervosum foveae centralis retinae
7648/NFMB pair
stratum conorum foveae centralis retinae (stratum foveae centralis retinae )
7791/NFMB single
stratum cellulae arachnoideae cupularis
7982/NFMB set
stratum morphologiae externae medullae spinalis
7984/NFMB set
stratum morphologiae internae medullae spinalis
8054/NFMB pair
stratum I corticis dorsalis
8057/NFMB pair
stratum II corticis dorsalis
8060/NFMB pair
stratum III corticis dorsalis
8063/NFMB pair
stratum IV corticis dorsalis
8174/NFMB pair
stratum mucosum membranae tympanicae
8178/NFMB pair
stratum fibrosum membranae tympanicae
8187/NFMB pair
stratum cutaneum membranae tympanicae
8504/NFMB pair
stratum vasculare laxum
8732/NFMB pair
stratum fibrosum externum
8743/NFMB pair
stratum externum membranae labii
8744/NFMB pair
stratum internum gelatinosum membranae labii
8760/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare subiculi
8761/NFMB pair
stratum pyramidale subiculi
8763/NFMB pair
stratum multiforme subiculi
8766/NFMB pset
stratum corticis perirhinalis
8767/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare corticis perirhinalis
8768/NFMB pair
stratum stellare corticis perirhinalis
8769/NFMB pair
stratum pyramidale externum corticis perirhinalis
8771/NFMB pair
stratum pyramidale internum corticis perirhinalis
8772/NFMB pair
stratum multiforme corticis perirhinalis
9040/NFMB set
stratum corticis cerebelli
9183/NFMB pset
stratum bulbi olfactorii
9228/NFMB pair
stratum neurofibrosum (stratum nervi olfactorii )
9229/NFMB pair
stratum glomerulare
9231/NFMB pair
stratum plexiforme externum bulbi olfactorii
9232/NFMB pair
stratum mitrale
9233/NFMB pair
stratum plexiforme internum bulbi olfactorii
9234/NFMB pair
stratum granulare
9238/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare regionis retrobulbaris
9239/NFMB pair
stratum densocellulare regionis retrobulbaris
9240/NFMB pair
stratum multiforme regionis retrobulbaris
9242/NFMB pset
stratum corticis piriformis structurae olfactoriae structurae olfactoriae
9243/NFMB pset
stratum regionis periamygdaloideae
9244/NFMB pset
stratum regionis peripaleocorticalis claustralis
9245/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare corticis piriformis structurae olfactoriae
9246/NFMB pair
stratum densocellulare corticis piriformis structurae olfactoriae
9247/NFMB pair
stratum multiforme corticis piriformis structurae olfactoriae
9248/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare regionis periamygdaloideae
9250/NFMB pair
stratum densocellulare regionis periamygdaloideae
9251/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare regionis peripaleocorticalis claustralis
9252/NFMB pair
stratum densocellulare regionis peripaleocorticalis claustralis
9253/NFMB pair
stratum dissecans regionis peripaleocorticalis claustralis
9272/NFMB pair
stratum multiforme regionis peripaleocorticalis claustralis
9411/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare presubiculi
9412/NFMB pair
stratum principale externum presubiculi
9413/NFMB pair
stratum principale internum presubiculi
9415/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare parasubiculi
9416/NFMB pair
stratum cellulare parasubiculi
9417/NFMB pset
stratum corticis entorhinalis
9418/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare corticis entorhinalis
9421/NFMB pair
stratum principale externum corticis entorhinalis
9422/NFMB pair
stratum stellare corticis entorhinalis
9425/NFMB pair
stratum pyramidale corticis entorhinalis
9428/NFMB pair
stratum principale internum corticis entorhinalis
9429/NFMB pair
stratum magnocellulare corticis entorhinalis
9430/NFMB pair
stratum parvocellulare corticis entorhinalis
9431/NFMB pair
stratum 5c corticis entorhinalis
11908/NFMB pset
stratum subiculi
12099/NFMB tax
stratum morphologiae externae
12168/NFMB pset
stratum presubiculi
12169/NFMB pset
stratum parasubiculi
by apposition
11748/MFMB voc
nomen stratum
12925/MFMB voc
nomen stratum
Vocabulary by string
stratum membranosum
stratum fibrosum
stratum synoviale
stratum longitudinale
stratum longitudinale
stratum longitudinale
stratum longitudinale
stratum externum longitudinale
stratum internum longitudinale
stratum longitudinale
stratum longitudinale
stratum longitudinale
stratum longitudinale
stratum membranosum
stratum papillare
stratum reticulare
stratum musculorum
stratum membranosum
stratum pigmentosum retinae
stratum parietale capsulae glomerularis
stratum viscerale capsulae glomerularis
Number of occurrences
140 items
Date: 25.06.2022