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nomen cerebellum

Official Latin term nomen cerebellum
Official subsidiary term word cerebellum
Unit identifier TAH:U12850
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis nervosi
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Vocabulary for 12850
nomen cerebellum
Reference 5686
By noun
5686/NFMB single
5687/NFMB set
fissura interlobaris cerebelli
5688/NFMB set
folium cerebelli
5689/NFMB pair
hemispherium cerebelli
5690/NFMB single
vallecula cerebelli
5691/NFMB single
vermis cerebelli
5692/NFMB single
5693/NFMB single
5694/NFMB single
5698/NFMB single
corpus cerebelli
5699/NFMB single
lobus anterior cerebelli
5700/NF1B pair
lobulus I cerebelli (lingula cerebelli )
5700/NFMB pair
lingula cerebelli
5701/NF1B pair
fissura postlingualis cerebelli (fissura precentralis cerebelli )
5701/NFMB pair
fissura precentralis cerebelli
5702/NFMB pair
lobulus centralis cerebelli
5703/NFMB pair
lobulus II cerebelli
5704/NFMB pair
lobulus III cerebelli
5706/NFMB pair
lobulus HII cerebelli
5707/NFMB pair
lobulus HIII cerebelli
5708/NF1B pair
fissura preculminalis cerebelli (fissura postcentralis cerebelli )
5708/NFMB pair
fissura postcentralis cerebelli
5709/NFMB pair
culmen cerebelli
5710/NFMB pair
lobulus IV cerebelli
5711/NFMB pair
fissura intraculminalis cerebelli
5712/NFMB pair
lobulus V cerebelli
5714/NFMB pair
lobulus HIV cerebelli
5715/NFMB pair
lobulus HV cerebelli
5716/NF1B single
fissura preclivalis cerebelli (fissura primaria cerebelli )
5716/NFMB single
fissura prima cerebelli (fissura primaria cerebelli )
5717/NFMB single
lobus posterior cerebelli
5719/NF1B pair
lobulus VI cerebelli (declive cerebelli )
5719/NFMB pair
declive cerebelli
5720/NF1B pair
lobulus simplex cerebelli (lobulus quadrangularis posterior cerebelli )
5720/NFMB pair
lobulus quadrangularis posterior cerebelli
5721/NF1B pair
fissura postclivalis cerebelli (fissura posterior superior cerebelli )
5721/NFMB pair
fissura posterior superior cerebelli
5722/NF1B pair
lobulus VIIA cerebelli (folium vermis cerebelli )
5723/NF1B pset
lobulus ansiformis cerebelli (lobulus semilunaris cerebelli )
5723/NFMB pset
lobulus semilunaris cerebelli
5724/NFMB pair
lobulus semilunaris superior cerebelli
5725/NF1B pair
fissura intercruralis cerebelli (fissura horizontalis cerebelli )
5725/NFMB pair
fissura horizontalis cerebelli
5726/NFMB pair
lobulus semilunaris inferior cerebelli
5727/NF1B pair
fissura ansoparamediana cerebelli (fissura lunogracilis cerebelli )
5727/NFMB pair
fissura lunogracilis cerebelli
5728/NF1B pair
lobulus VIIB cerebelli (tuber cerebelli )
5728/NFMB pair
tuber cerebelli
5729/NFMB pair
lobulus gracilis cerebelli
5730/NF1B pair
fissura prepyramidalis cerebelli (fissura prebiventralis cerebelli )
5730/NFMB pair
fissura prebiventralis cerebelli
5731/NF1B pair
lobulus VIII cerebelli (pyramis cerebelli )
5731/NFMB pair
pyramis cerebelli
5732/NFMB pair
lobulus biventer cerebelli
5734/NFMB pair
fissura intrabiventralis cerebelli
5736/NF1B pair
fissura postpyramidalis cerebelli (fissura secundaria cerebelli )
5736/NFMB pair
fissura secundaria cerebelli
5737/NF1B pair
lobulus IX cerebelli (uvula cerebelli )
5737/NFMB pair
uvula cerebelli
5738/NFMB pair
tonsilla cerebelli
5739/NFMB single
fissura posterolateralis cerebelli
5740/NFMB single
lobus flocculonodularis cerebelli
5744/NFMB single
arbor vitae cerebelli
5745/NFMB single
cortex cerebelli
5749/NFMB pset
nucleus cerebelli
5750/NF1B pair
nucleus lateralis cerebelli (nucleus dentatus cerebelli )
5750/NFMB pair
nucleus dentatus cerebelli
5752/NF1B pair
nucleus interpositus anterior cerebelli (nucleus emboliformis cerebelli )
5752/NFMB pair
nucleus emboliformis cerebelli
5753/NF1B pair
nucleus interpositus posterior cerebelli (nucleus globosus cerebelli )
5753/NFMB pair
nucleus globosus cerebelli
5754/NFMB pair
nucleus fastigii cerebelli (nucleus fastigialis cerebelli )
5755/NFMB pset
pedunculus cerebellaris (pedunculus cerebelli )
5756/NFMB pair
pedunculus cerebellaris inferior (pedunculus inferior cerebelli )
5758/NFMB pair
corpus juxtarestiforme cerebelli
5760/NFMB pair
pedunculus cerebellaris superior (pedunculus superior cerebelli )
5761/NFMB single
corpus medullare cerebelli
5762/NFMB pair
commissura cerebelli
5763/NFMB pair
fasciculus uncinatus cerebelli
7688/NFMB single
lamella medullaris cerebelli
8239/NFMB single
glomerulus cerebelli
8261/NFMB pset
nucleus interpositus cerebelli
8344/NFMB set
divisio cerebelli
8545/NFMB pset
tractus longus cerebelli
8603/NFMB pset
tractus efferens cerebelli
9037/NFMB single
substantia grisea cerebelli
9191/NFMB single
substantia alba cerebelli
9279/NFMB pset
zona sagittalis cerebelli
9281/NFMB pset
zona sagittalis medialis cerebelli
9338/NFMB pset
zona sagittalis lateralis cerebelli
9343/NFMB pset
zona sagittalis intermedia cerebelli
9724/NFMB set
astrocytus cerebelli
9735/NFMB set
astrocytus epithelialis cerebelli
9928/NFMB set
astrocytus pennatus cerebelli
11547/NFMB single
origo cerebelli
12264/NFMB mset
morphologia externa cerebelli
12265/NFMB mset
morphologia interna cerebelli
14570/NFMB tax
pars longitudinalis tractus cerebelli
19953/NFMB single
segmentum cerebelli
by apposition
12850/MFMB voc
nomen cerebellum
By adjective
4061/AFMB pair
arteria cerebelli inferior posterior (arteria cerebellaris inferoposterior )
4063/AFMB pair
ramus tonsillae cerebelli (ramus tonsillaris cerebellaris )
4068/AFMB pair
arteria cerebelli inferior anterior (arteria cerebellaris inferoanterior )
4074/AFMB pair
arteria cerebelli superior (arteria cerebellaris superior )
4075/AFMB pair
ramus medialis arteriae cerebelli superioris
4077/AFMB pair
ramus lateralis arteriae cerebelli superioris
4642/AFMB pset
vena cerebelli (vena cerebellaris )
4645/AFMB pset
vena cerebelli superior (vena cerebellaris superior )
4646/AFMB pset
vena cerebelli inferior (vena cerebellaris inferior )
4647/AFMB pair
vena cerebelli precentralis (vena cerebellaris precentralis )
5228/AF1B del
tractus spinocerebellaris ventralis medullae spinalis (tractus spinocerebellaris anterior medullae spinalis )
5228/AFMB del
tractus spinocerebellaris anterior medullae spinalis
5305/AFMB pair
tractus olivocerebellaris
5320/AFMB pset
fibra cuneocerebellaris
5427/AFMB pair
angulus pontocerebellaris
5759/AFMB pair
pedunculus cerebellaris medius (pedunculus cerebellaris medius )
7747/AFMB single
cisterna cerebellaris superior
8093/AFMB pset
nucleus precerebellaris rhombencephali caudalis
8095/AFMB pset
nucleus caudalis partis cerebellaris fibrae pontocerebellaris
8127/AFMB pset
tractus cerebelli (tractus cerebellaris )
8320/AFMB pset
tractus efferens cerebellaris rhombencephali rostralis
8325/AFMB pset
tractus afferens cerebelli rhombencephali rostralis (tractus afferens cerebellaris rhombencephali rostralis )
8366/AFMB pset
nucleus rostralis tractus paramediani (nucleus rostralis partis cerebellaris fibrae pontocerebellaris )
8390/AFMB pset
nucleus precerebellaris rhombencephali rostralis
8450/AFMB pset
fibra vestibulocerebellaris primaria
8456/AFMB pset
fibra trigeminocerebellaris
8457/AFMB pset
fibra nucleocerebellaris
8458/AFMB pset
fibra raphecerebellaris
8459/AFMB pset
fibra vestibulocerebellaris
8460/AFMB pset
fibra vestibulocerebellaris secundaria
8590/AFMB pset
nucleus precerebellaris tegmenti mesencephali
8878/AFMB pset
ramus corticalis cerebelli (ramus corticalis cerebellaris )
8889/AFMB pset
ramus perforans arteriae cerebelli inferioris anterioris
8898/AFMB pset
ramus corticalis cerebelli (ramus corticalis cerebellaris )
8900/AFMB pair
ramus meningeus arteriae cerebelli inferioris posterioris
11787/AFMB pair
pars cerebellaris fibrae pontocerebellaris
11826/AFMB tax
nucleus precerebellaris
12058/AFMB pair
tractus cuneocerebellaris
13215/AFMB tax
ramus arteriae cerebelli superioris
23851/AFMB tax
ramus arteriae cerebelli inferioris anterioris
By prefix
5112/PFMB single
cisterna cerebellomedullaris posterior
5113/PFMB pair
cisterna cerebellomedullaris lateralis
5119/PFMB pair
cisterna cerebellopontina
8267/PFMB single
fissura cerebellomesencephalica
8269/PFMB single
fissura cerebellopontina
8270/PFMB single
fissura cerebellomedullaris
Vocabulary by string
fossa cerebellaris
pedunculus cerebellaris superior
pedunculus cerebellaris superior
decussatio pedunculorum cerebellarium superiorum
pars cerebellaris tractus spinocerebellaris anterioris medullae spinalis
Number of occurrences
151 items
Date: 25.06.2022