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nomen spiralis

Official Latin term nomen spiralis
Official subsidiary term word spiral
Unit identifier TAH:U12366
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen spiralis
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen structurae geometricae
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Vocabulary for 12366
nomen spiralis
By adjective
6500/AF1B pair
ganglion spirale
7274/AFMB pair
canalis spiralis cochleae
7275/AFMB pair
lamina spiralis ossea
7279/AFMB pair
hamulus laminae spiralis osseae
7280/AFMB pair
lamina spiralis secundaria
7286/AFMB pair
canalis spiralis modioli
7299/AFMB pair
tractus spiralis foraminosus
7342/AFMB pair
prominentia spiralis
7344/AFMB pair
ligamentum spirale
7346/AF1B pair
crista spiralis
7348/AFMB pair
vas spirale cochleae
7349/AFMB pair
limbus spiralis
7350/AFMB pair
labium tympanicum limbi spiralis
7351/AFMB pair
labium vestibulare limbi spiralis
7356/AFMB pair
organum spirale
7358/AFMB pair
sulcus spiralis internus
7359/AFMB pair
sulcus spiralis externus
7368/AFMB pair
arteria modioli spiralis (arteria modioli spiralis )
8874/AFMB pset
cuniculus organi spiralis
9211/AFMB pset
fibro cytus typi I ligamenti spiralis (fibro cytus typi I ligamenti spiralis )
9212/AFMB pset
fibro cytus typi II ligamenti spiralis (fibro cytus typi II ligamenti spiralis )
9213/AFMB pset
fibro cytus typi III ligamenti spiralis (fibro cytus typi III ligamenti spiralis )
9217/AFMB pset
cellula organi spiralis
9224/AFMB pset
epitheliocytus limitans sulci spiralis externi
9289/AFMB pair
cuniculus externus organi spiralis
9293/AFMB pset
neuron bipolare ganglii cochlearis
9296/AFMB pset
neuron ganglionare externum ganglii cochlearis
9297/AFMB pset
neuron ganglionare internum ganglii cochlearis
9300/AFMB pset
gliocytus ganglii cochlearis
9301/AFMB pset
neurofibra radialis ganglii cochlearis
9302/AFMB pset
neurofibra basilaris ganglii cochlearis
9303/AFMB pset
neurofibra spiralis ganglii cochlearis
9304/AFMB pair
fasciculus spiralis internus
9306/AFMB pair
fasciculus spiralis externus
13794/AFMB tax
zona laminae spiralis osseae
13796/AFMB tax
sulcus spiralis
14092/AFMB pset
epitheliocytus limitans sulci spiralis interni
Vocabulary by string
plica spiralis
Number of occurrences
38 items
Date: 19.06.2022