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nomen septimus

Official Latin term nomen septimus
Official subsidiary term word seventh
Unit identifier TAH:U12350
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei ordinalis
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Vocabulary for 12350
nomen septimus
By adjective
7594/AFMB pair
nervus cervicalis septimus
9436/AFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum septimum
9753/AFMB pair
nervus thoracicus septimus
9761/AF2B pair
nervus intercostalis septimus (ramus anterior nervi thoracici septimi )
10420/AFMB pair
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae septimae
10641/AFMB pair
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior septimus
10735/AFMB pair
musculus interspinalis cervicalis septimus
10821/AFMB single
vertebra thoracica septima
10835/AF1B pair
costa septima vera (costa septima )
10835/AFMB pair
costa septima
11280/AFMB single
discus intervertebralis vertebrae thoracicae septimae
21616/AFMB single
corpus vertebrae thoracicae septimae
21621/AFMB single
arcus vertebrae thoracicae septimae
21622/AFMB single
pediculus vertebrae thoracicae septimae
21626/AFMB pair
lamina vertebrae thoracicae septimae
21638/AFMB pair
incisura vertebralis inferior vertebrae thoracicae septimae
21642/AFMB single
foramen vertebrale vertebrae thoracicae septimae
21644/AFMB pair
processus transversus vertebrae thoracicae septimae
21648/AFMB pair
processus articularis superior vertebrae thoracicae septimae
21656/AFMB pair
processus articularis inferior vertebrae thoracicae septimae
Number of occurrences
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Date: 24.06.2022