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nomen organum

Official Latin term nomen organum
Official subsidiary term word organ
Unit identifier TAH:U12335
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen organum
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 12335
nomen organum
By noun
1274/NFMB single
organum ligamentum
5790/NFMB single
organum subfornicale
5811/NFMB single
organum subcommissurale
5949/NFMB single
organum vasculosum laminae terminalis
6876/NFMB mset
organum sensorium
6877/NFMB single
organum olfactorium
6880/NFMB pair
organum visuale
7101/NFMB pair
organum vestibulocochleare
7248/NFMB del
7356/NFMB pair
organum spirale
7379/NFMB single
organum gustatorium
8874/NFMB pset
cuniculus organi spiralis
9217/NFMB pset
cellula organi spiralis
9289/NFMB pair
cuniculus externus organi spiralis
10153/NFMB tax
10154/NFMB tax
pars principalis organi
10386/NFMB single
organum parenchymateum
10396/NFMB single
organum solidum
10397/NFMB single
organum nonparenchymateum
10398/NFMB single
organum cavum
10399/NFMB single
organum cum cavitam (organum cavitatis )
10400/NFMB single
organum partium cavorum (organum partis cavum )
10402/NFMB single
organum fascia
10404/NFMB single
organum lobulare
10405/NFMB single
organum arbor nervosum
10406/NFMB tax
organum membrana
10407/NFMB tax
organum cartilago
10409/NFMB tax
organum musculus
10410/NFMB tax
organum homogeneum
10411/NFMB tax
organum corticomedullare
10462/NFMB single
organum cavernosum
10572/NFMB single
cavitas organi
10936/NFMB single
componens organi
10938/NFMB single
regio organi
11256/NFMB tax
segmentum organi
11257/NFMB tax
zona organi
13219/NFMB tax
organum cavum arboriale
13220/NFMB tax
segmentum organi cavi sanguinei
13221/NFMB tax
organum cavum vasculosum
13222/NFMB tax
organum cavum sanguineum
13223/NFMB tax
organum cavum arteriosum
13224/NFMB tax
organum cavum venosum
13338/NFMB tax
componens organi musculi
13351/NFMB single
organum cavum arteriosum pulmonale
13352/NFMB single
organum cavum arteriosum systemicum
13442/NFMB tax
organum cavum lymphoideum
13899/NFMB tax
paries organi
14531/NFMB tax
zona organi musculi
14532/NFMB tax
regio myotendinea organi musculi
14533/NFMB tax
zona proximalis organi musculi
14534/NFMB tax
zona distalis organi musculi
14661/NFMB tax
segmentum organi arboris nervosi
23106/NFMB tax
segmentum organi cavi arborialis
23107/NFMB single
segmentum organi cavi vasculosi
23108/NFMB tax
segmentum organi cavi arteriosi
23116/NFMB tax
segmentum organi cavi venosi
by noun complement
12931/CFMB voc
nomen nervus organi
14612/CFMB tax
glandula componens organi
20623/CFMB tax
caput organi
Vocabulary by string
organum juxtaorale stomatis
organum vomeronasale
organum subfornicale
Number of occurrences
62 items
Date: 24.06.2022