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nomen cytus

Official Latin term nomen cytus
Official subsidiary term word cyte
Unit identifier TAH:U12328
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 12328
nomen cytus
By noun
7494/NFMB pset
melanocytus iridis
7522/NFMB pset
myoepitheliocytus iridicus
7523/NFMB pset
pigmentocytus iridis
7527/NFMB pset
keratocytus corneae
7535/NFMB pset
melanocytus sclerae
7588/NFMB pset
7628/NFMB set
7629/NFMB set
myoepitheliocytus lacrimalis
7652/NFMB pset
pigmentocytus retinae
7658/NFMB pset
gliocytus retinae
7686/NFMB pset
gliocytus radialis retinae
7689/NFMB pset
astrocytus protoplasmaticus
7775/NFMB set
epitheliocytus choroideus
8138/NFMB set
8141/NFMB set
myoepitheliocytus fusiformis
8228/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus ciliatus epithelii simplicis columnaris auris mediae
8241/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus ciliatus epithelii simplicis columnaris tubae auditivae
8250/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus ciliatus epithelii pseudostratificati tubae auditivae
8265/NFMB pset
8295/NFMB pset
vestibulocytus typi I (vestibulocytus typi 1 ductus semicircularis )
8314/NFMB pset
vestibulocytus typi II (vestibulocytus typi 2 )
8434/NFMB pset
melanocytus choroideus
8437/NFMB pset
vestibulocytus sustenans
8507/NFMB pset
exocrinocytus caliciformis
8779/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus limitans
8803/NFMB pset
9211/NFMB pset
fibro cytus typi I ligamenti spiralis (fibrocytus typi 1 ligamenti spiralis )
9212/NFMB pset
fibro cytus typi II ligamenti spiralis (fibrocytus typi 2 ligamenti spiralis )
9213/NFMB pset
fibro cytus typi III ligamenti spiralis (fibrocytus typi 3 ligamenti spiralis )
9214/NFMB pset
melanocytus intermedius striae vascularis ductus cochlearis auris internae
9218/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus limitans internus
9219/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus limitans externus
9220/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus glandularis externus basalis
9224/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus limitans sulci spiralis externi
9225/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus sustenans
9226/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus pilaris internus
9235/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus pilaris externus
9236/NFMB single
crus epitheliocyti pilaris externi
9255/NFMB single
scapus epitheliocyti pilaris externi
9256/NFMB single
caput epitheliocyti pilaris externi
9258/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus phalangeus internus
9259/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus phalangeus externus
9261/NFMB single
lamina cuticularis cochleocyti
9262/NFMB set
stereocilium cochleocyti
9264/NFMB set
vinculum stereociliare cochleocyti
9265/NFMB set
epitheliocytus interdentalis
9271/NFMB set
vinculum apicale cochleocyti
9273/NFMB set
vinculum laterale cochleocyti
9274/NFMB set
vinculum interordinale cochleocyti
9280/NFMB pset
cochleocytus internus
9285/NFMB pset
cochleocytus externus
9300/NFMB pset
gliocytus ganglii cochlearis
9311/NFMB pset
gliocytus ganglii vestibularis
9316/NFMB set
epitheliocytus neurosensorius olfactorius
9317/NFMB single
dendritum epitheliocyti neurosensorii olfactorii
9318/NFMB single
bulbus dendriticus epitheliocyti neurosensorii olfactorii
9319/NFMB single
cilium epitheliocyti neurosensorii olfactorii
9320/NFMB single
axon olfactorius epitheliocyti neurosensorii olfactorii
9321/NFMB set
epitheliocytus sustenans
9322/NFMB set
epitheliocytus basalis
9327/NFMB set
epitheliocytus gustatorius
9329/NFMB set
epitheliocytus gustatorius sensorius typi I (epitheliocytus gustatorius sensorius typi 1 )
9330/NFMB set
epitheliocytus gustatorius sensorius typi II (epitheliocytus gustatorius sensorius typi 2 )
9336/NFMB set
epitheliocytus gustatorius sensorius typi III (epitheliocytus gustatorius sensorius typi 3 )
9337/NF1B set
epitheliocytus basalis (epitheliocytus gustatorius typi 4 )
9337/NFMB set
epitheliocytus gustatorius typi IV (epitheliocytus gustatorius typi 4 )
9342/NF1B set
epitheliocytus sustenans (epitheliocytus gustatorius typi 5 )
9342/NFMB set
epitheliocytus gustatorius typi V (epitheliocytus gustatorius typi 5 )
9724/NFMB set
astrocytus cerebelli
9726/NFMB set
astrocytus radialis
9735/NFMB set
astrocytus epithelialis cerebelli
9926/NFMB set
processus radialis astrocyti epithelialis cerebelli
9928/NFMB set
astrocytus pennatus cerebelli
14021/NFMB tax
epitheliocytus sustenans pilaris
14022/NFMB tax
epitheliocytus phalangeus
14048/NFMB tax
14049/NFMB tax
14050/NFMB single
14092/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus limitans sulci spiralis interni
Number of occurrences
79 items
Date: 24.06.2022