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nomen systematis nervosi peripherici

Official Latin term nomen systematis nervosi peripherici
Official subsidiary term word of peripheral nervous system
Unit identifier TAH:U12310
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis nervosi peripherici
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Vocabulary for 12829
nomen abducens
by apposition
12829/MFMB voc
nomen abducens
By adjective
6464/AFMB pair
nervus abducens
Vocabulary for 12837
nomen trochlea
Reference 6377
nervus trochlearis
By noun
7046/NFMB pair
trochlea musculi obliqui superioris
by apposition
12837/MFMB voc
nomen trochlea
By adjective
3945/AFMB pair
arteria supratrochlearis
5643/AFMB pair
nucleus trochlearis
6377/AFMB pair
nervus trochlearis
6390/AFMB pair
nervus supratrochlearis
6401/AFMB pair
nervus infratrochlearis
6402/AFMB pset
ramus palpebralis nervi infratrochlearis
Vocabulary for 12839
nomen choroidea
Reference 6914
By noun
6914/NFMB pair
6917/NFMB pair
lamina vasculosa choroideae
6919/NFMB pair
complexus basalis choroideae
6920/NFMB pset
vas sanguineum choroideae
7453/NFMB pset
lamina choroideae
7455/NFMB pair
stratum fibrosum internum choroideae
7456/NFMB pair
stratum elasticum choroideae
7457/NFMB pair
stratum fibrosum externum choroideae
7459/NFMB pset
cellula choroideae
12994/NFMB pair
epithelium pigmentosum choroideae
12998/NFMB pset
vas capillare choroideae (vas capillare choroideae )
by apposition
12839/MFMB voc
nomen choroidea
By adjective
3916/AFMB pair
arteria choroidea anterior
3948/AFMB pset
ramus choroideus ventriculi lateralis arteriae choroideae anterioris
3949/AFMB pset
ramus choroideus ventriculi tertii arteriae choroideae anterioris
3950/AFMB pset
ramus substantiae perforatae anterioris arteriae choroideae anterioris (ramus substantiae perforatae anterioris arteriae choroideae anterioris )
3951/AFMB pset
ramus chiasmaticus arteriae choroideae anterioris
3952/AFMB pset
ramus tractus optici arteriae choroideae anterioris
3953/AFMB pset
ramus corporis geniculati lateralis arteriae choroideae anterioris
3954/AFMB pset
ramus genus arteriae choroideae anterioris
3955/AFMB pset
ramus cruris posterioris arteriae choroideae anterioris (ramus cruris posterioris arteriae choroideae anterioris )
3956/AFMB pset
ramus partis retrolentiformis arteriae choroideae anterioris (ramus partis retrolentiformis arteriae choroideae anterioris )
3957/AFMB pset
ramus globi pallidi arteriae choroideae anterioris
3958/AFMB pset
ramus caudae nuclei caudati arteriae choroideae anterioris
3959/AFMB pset
ramus hippocampalis arteriae choroideae anterioris
3960/AFMB pset
ramus uncalis arteriae choroideae anterioris
3961/AFMB pset
ramus corporis amygdaloidei arteriae choroideae anterioris
3962/AFMB pset
ramus tuberis cinerei arteriae choroideae anterioris
3965/AFMB pset
ramus substantiae nigrae arteriae choroideae anterioris
3966/AFMB pset
ramus nuclei rubri arteriae choroideae anterioris
3967/AFMB pset
ramus pedunculi cerebri arteriae choroideae anterioris
4037/AFMB pset
ramus choroideus posterior medialis
4038/AFMB pset
ramus choroideus posterior lateralis
4064/AFMB pset
ramus choroideus ventriculi quarti
4611/AFMB pair
vena choroidea inferior
4615/AFMB pair
vena choroidea superior
5126/AFMB single
tela choroidea ventriculi quarti
5127/AFMB single
plexus choroideus ventriculi quarti
5128/AFMB single
tela choroidea ventriculi tertii
5129/AFMB pair
plexus choroideus ventriculi tertii
5130/AFMB pair
plexus choroideus ventriculi lateralis
5131/AFMB pair
glomus choroideum
6113/AFMB pair
taenia choroidea ventriculi lateralis
6114/AFMB pair
fissura choroidea ventriculi lateralis
6915/AFMB pair
lamina suprachoroidea choroideae
6916/AFMB pair
spatium perichoroideum
7767/AFMB set
tela choroidea pia piae matris cranialis
7769/AFMB set
plexus choroideus
7775/AFMB set
epitheliocytus choroideus
7941/AFMB single
epithelium choroideum
8434/AFMB pset
melanocytus choroideus
8908/AFMB pset
ramus perforans arteriae choroideae anterioris
8909/AFMB pset
ramus radiationis opticae arteriae choroideae anterioris
8910/AFMB pset
ramus capsulae internae arteriae choroideae anterioris (ramus capsulae internae arteriae choroideae anterioris )
8911/AFMB pset
ramus gyri dentati arteriae choroideae anterioris
8912/AFMB pset
ramus fornicis arteriae choroideae anterioris
8913/AFMB pset
ramus corticis piriformis arteriae choroideae anterioris
8914/AFMB pset
arteria hypophysialis accessoria arteriae choroideae anterioris
23485/AFMB single
ramus arteriae choroideae anterioris
By prefix
6918/PFMB pair
lamina choroidocapillaris
Vocabulary for 12942
nomen splanchnicus
Reference 10079
nervus splanchnicus
by apposition
12942/MFMB voc
nomen splanchnicus
By adjective
6786/AFMB pair
nervus splanchnicus thoracicus major
6787/AFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum splanchnicum
6788/AFMB pair
nervus splanchnicus thoracicus minor
6789/AFMB pair
ramus renalis nervi splanchnici thoracici minoris
6790/AFMB pair
nervus splanchnicus thoracicus imus
6792/AFMB pset
nervus splanchnicus lumbalis
6794/AFMB pset
nervus splanchnicus sacralis
6814/AFMB pset
nervus splanchnicus pelvicus
10041/AFMB pair
nervus splanchnicus pelvicus superior
10053/AFMB pair
nervus splanchnicus pelvicus medius
10063/AFMB pair
nervus splanchnicus pelvicus inferior
10079/AFMB tax
nervus splanchnicus
10080/AFMB tax
nervus splanchnicus thoracicus
Vocabulary for 13948
nomen ganglion
Reference 6323
By noun
6323/NFMB tax
6329/NFMB tax
ganglion autonomicum
6332/NFMB tax
ganglion sympathicum
6333/NFMB tax
ganglion parasympathicum
6369/NFMB pair
ganglion terminale
6376/NF1B pair
radix parasympathica ganglii ciliaris nervi oculomotorii (ramus ganglionaris ciliaris nervi oculomotorii )
6380/NF1B pair
ganglion semilunare (ganglion trigeminale )
6380/NFMB pair
ganglion trigeminale
6392/NF1B pair
radix sensoria ganglii ciliaris nervi nasociliaris (ramus ganglionaris ciliaris nervi nasociliaris )
6405/NF1B pset
radix sensoria ganglii pterygopalatini (ramus ganglionaris pterygopalatinus )
6433/NF1B pset
radix sensoria ganglii otici (ramus ganglionaris oticus )
6453/NF1B pair
radix parasympathica ganglii submandibularis (ramus ganglionaris submandibularis posterior )
6454/NF1B pset
radix ganglii sublingualis (ramus ganglii sublingualis )
6454/NFMB pset
ramus ganglii sublingualis
6482/NFMB pair
ganglion geniculi nervi facialis (ganglion geniculatum nervi facialis )
6483/NF1B pair
radix parasympathica ganglii pterygopalatini (nervus petrosus major )
6489/NFMB pair
ganglion vestibulare
6491/NFMB pair
pars superior ganglii vestibularis nervi vestibularis
6496/NFMB pair
pars inferior ganglii vestibularis nervi vestibularis
6500/NF1B pair
ganglion spirale (ganglion cochleare )
6500/NFMB pair
ganglion cochleare
6502/NFMB pair
ganglion superius nervi glossopharyngei
6503/NF1B pair
ganglion petrosum (ganglion inferius nervi glossopharyngei )
6503/NFMB pair
ganglion inferius nervi glossopharyngei
6515/NF1B pair
radix parasympathica ganglii otici (nervus petrosus minor )
6520/NF1B pair
ganglion jugulare nervi vagi (ganglion superius nervi vagi )
6520/NFMB pair
ganglion superius nervi vagi
6523/NF1B pair
ganglion nodosum (ganglion inferius nervi vagi )
6523/NFMB pair
ganglion inferius nervi vagi
6761/NFMB pset
ganglion paravertebrale trunci sympathici
6766/NFMB pset
ganglion intermedium
6767/NFMB pair
ganglion cervicale superius
6772/NFMB pset
ramus laryngopharyngeus ganglii cervicalis superioris
6774/NFMB pair
ganglion cervicale medium
6775/NFMB pair
ganglion vertebrale
6778/NF1B pair
ganglion stellatum (ganglion cervicothoracicum )
6778/NFMB pair
ganglion cervicothoracicum
6782/NFMB pset
ganglion thoracicum
6787/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum splanchnicum
6791/NFMB pset
ganglion lumbale
6793/NFMB pset
ganglion sacrale
6795/NFMB single
ganglion impar
6796/NFMB pset
paraganglion sympathicum
6799/NFMB pair
ganglion ciliare
6800/NFMB pair
radix sympathica ganglii ciliaris
6802/NFMB pair
ganglion pterygopalatinum
6804/NFMB pair
radix sympathica ganglii pterygopalatini
6805/NFMB pair
ganglion submandibulare
6806/NFMB pair
radix sympathica ganglii submandibularis
6807/NFMB pair
ganglion sublinguale
6809/NFMB pair
radix sympathica ganglii sublingualis
6810/NFMB pair
ganglion oticum
6811/NFMB pair
radix sympathica ganglii otici
6813/NFMB pset
ganglion pelvicum
6821/NFMB del
radix sympathica ganglii sublingualis
6830/NFMB set
ganglion cardiacum
6836/NFMB set
ganglion phrenicum
6843/NFMB pset
ganglion coeliacum
6844/NFMB pset
ganglion aorticorenale
6846/NFMB pair
ganglion mesentericum superius
6849/NFMB pset
ganglion renale
6854/NFMB pair
ganglion mesentericum inferius
7572/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi cervicalis sexti
7583/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi cervicalis septimi
8111/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi cervicalis octavi
8275/NFMB pset
ganglion trunci sympathici
9090/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi cervicalis primi
9137/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi cervicalis secundi
9161/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi cervicalis tertii
9175/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi cervicalis quarti
9292/NFMB pset
ganglion vestibulocochleare
9293/NFMB pset
neuron bipolare ganglii cochlearis
9300/NFMB pset
gliocytus ganglii cochlearis
9301/NFMB pset
neurofibra radialis ganglii cochlearis
9302/NFMB pset
neurofibra basilaris ganglii cochlearis
9303/NFMB pset
neurofibra spiralis ganglii cochlearis
9309/NFMB pset
neuron magnum ganglii vestibularis
9310/NFMB pset
neuron parvum ganglii vestibularis
9311/NFMB pset
gliocytus ganglii vestibularis
9377/NFMB pset
ramus glandularis ganglii submandibularis
9386/NFMB pset
ganglion cervicale
9408/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum primum
9409/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum secundum
9423/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum tertium
9424/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum quartum
9426/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum quintum
9435/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum sextum
9436/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum septimum
9437/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum octavum
9438/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum nonum
9439/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum decimum
9442/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum undecimum
9447/NFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum duodecimum
9448/NFMB pair
ganglion lumbale primum
9450/NFMB pair
ganglion lumbale secundum
9451/NFMB pair
ganglion lumbale tertium
9455/NFMB pair
ganglion lumbale quartum
9456/NFMB pair
ganglion sacrale primum
9467/NFMB pair
ganglion sacrale tertium
9469/NFMB pair
ganglion sacrale quartum
9470/NFMB pair
ganglion sacrale quintum
9471/NFMB pair
ganglion sacrale secundum
9472/NFMB pset
ganglion prevertebrale
9563/NFMB set
neuron ganglii enterici
9564/NFMB set
ganglion entericum
9594/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici primi
9638/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici secundi
9652/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici tertii
9704/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici quarti
9720/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici quinti
9739/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici sexti
9755/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici septimi
9769/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici octavi
9784/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici noni
9798/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici decimi
9812/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici undecimi
9826/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi thoracici duodecimi
9859/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi lumbalis primi
9890/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi lumbalis secundi
9971/NFMB tax
ganglion craniale parasympathicum
9972/NFMB single
ganglion paravertebrale accessorium
9973/NFMB single
ganglion spinale cervicale
9974/NFMB single
ganglion spinale thoracicum
9975/NFMB single
ganglion spinale lumbale
9976/NFMB single
ganglion spinale sacrale
9978/NFMB single
ganglion glossopharyngeum
9979/NFMB single
ganglion nervi vagi
9982/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi coccygei
9986/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi lumbalis tertii
10001/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi lumbalis quarti
10012/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi lumbalis quinti
10022/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi sacralis primi
10033/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi sacralis secundi
10045/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi sacralis tertii
10058/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi sacralis quarti
10067/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi sacralis quinti
10212/NFMB tax
ramus ganglii paravertebralis trunci sympathici
10216/NFMB tax
ramus ganglii cervicalis medii
10217/NFMB tax
ramus ganglii cervicothoracici
11773/NFMB tax
ramus ganglii autonomici
11909/NFMB pset
neuron bipolare ganglii vestibularis
14201/NFMB voc
nomen cilium ganglii ciliaris
14451/NFMB tax
ramus lateralis ganglii cervicothoracici
14452/NFMB tax
ramus medialis ganglii cervicalis medii
16653/NFMB pair
ganglion spinale nervi cervicalis quinti
by apposition
13948/MFMB voc
nomen ganglion
By adjective
3910/AFMB pset
ramus ganglionaris trigeminalis
6376/AFMB pair
ramus ganglionaris ciliaris nervi oculomotorii
6392/AFMB pair
ramus ganglionaris ciliaris nervi nasociliaris
6405/AFMB pset
ramus ganglionaris pterygopalatinus
6433/AFMB pset
ramus ganglionaris oticus
6453/AFMB pair
ramus ganglionaris submandibularis posterior
6762/AFMB pset
ramus interganglionaris trunci sympathici
6856/AFMB set
plexus entericus ganglionaris
7655/AFMB pset
neuron ganglionare retinale
7668/AFMB pset
neuron ganglionare umbelliforme magnum
7669/AFMB pset
neuron ganglionare umbelliforme parvum
7670/AFMB pset
neuron ganglionare nanum
7858/AF1B pset
motoneuron parasympathicum spinale preganglionare (motoneuron parasympathicum spinale )
7859/AF1B pset
motoneuron sympathicum spinale preganglionare (motoneuron sympathicum spinale )
8569/AFMB pair
pars preganglionaris
8570/AFMB pair
pars nonganglionaris
9296/AFMB pset
neuron ganglionare externum ganglii cochlearis
9297/AFMB pset
neuron ganglionare internum ganglii cochlearis
Vocabulary by string
trochlea humeri
trochlea tali
trochlea fibularis
trochlea capitis
trochlea muscularis
trochlea phalangis proximalis pollicis
trochlea phalangis proximalis digiti secundi
trochlea phalangis proximalis digiti tertii
trochlea phalangis proximalis digiti quarti
trochlea phalangis proximalis digiti quinti
trochlea phalangis medialis digiti secundi
trochlea phalangis medialis digiti quarti
trochlea phalangis medialis digiti quinti
trochlea capitis phalangis distalis pollicis
trochlea capitis phalangis distalis digiti tertii
trochlea capitis phalangis distalis digiti quarti
trochlea capitis phalangis distalis digiti quinti
trochlea capitis phalangis distalis digiti secundi
spina trochlearis
fovea trochlearis
incisura trochlearis ulnae
decussatio fibrarum nervorum trochlearium
tela choroidea ventriculi quarti
taenia choroidea
plexus choroideus ventriculi quarti
plexus choroideus ventriculi lateralis
ganglion craniospinale sensorium
ganglion sensorium nervi spinalis
ganglion nervi cranialis
ganglion cervicale inferius
ganglion plexus visceralis
ganglion sensorium cervicalis
ganglion sensorium thoracicum
ganglion sensorium lumbalis
ganglion sensorium sacralis
ganglion nervi glossopharyngei
neuron ganglionare
gliocytus ganglionaris
motoneuron parasympathicum ganglionare
motoneuron sympathicum ganglionare
Number of occurrences
289 items
TAH:G12310 nomen systematis nervosi peripherici
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Date: 25.06.2022