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nomen compartimentum

Official Latin term nomen compartimentum
Official subsidiary term compartment word
Unit identifier TAH:U12299
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei incorporeae
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Vocabulary for 12299
nomen compartimentum
By noun
1972/NFMB pset
compartimentum membri superioris liberi
1973/NFMB pair
compartimentum brachii anterius (compartimentum anterius brachii )
1974/NFMB pair
compartimentum brachii posterius (compartimentum posterius brachii )
1975/NFMB pair
compartimentum antebrachii anterius (compartimentum anterius antebrachii )
1976/NFMB pair
pars superficialis compartimenti antebrachii anterioris
1977/NFMB pair
pars profunda compartimenti antebrachii anterioris
1978/NFMB pair
compartimentum antebrachii posterius (compartimentum posterius antebrachii )
2062/NFMB pset
compartimentum membri inferioris liberi
2063/NFMB pair
compartimentum femoris anterius
2064/NFMB pair
compartimentum femoris posterius
2065/NFMB pair
compartimentum femoris mediale
2066/NFMB pair
compartimentum cruris anterius
2067/NFMB pair
compartimentum cruris posterius
2068/NFMB pair
pars superficialis compartimenti cruris posterioris
2069/NFMB pair
pars profunda compartimenti cruris posterioris
2070/NFMB pair
compartimentum cruris laterale
7815/NFMB pair
compartimentum supratentoriale
7816/NFMB single
compartimentum infratentoriale
10639/NFMB tax
musculus compartimenti cruris lateralis
10801/NFMB single
spatium compartimenti capitis
10921/NFMB single
compartimentum capitis
10960/NFMB single
compartimentum trunci
10961/NFMB single
compartimentum membri
11747/NFMB voc
14462/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti brachii anterioris
14463/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti brachii posterioris
14464/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti antebrachii anterioris
14467/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti antebrachii posterioris
14471/NFMB pair
pars superficialis compartimenti antebrachii posterioris
14472/NFMB pair
pars profunda compartimenti antebrachii posterioris
14474/NFMB tax
compartimentum brachii
14475/NFMB tax
compartimentum antebrachii
14950/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti cruris lateralis
14964/NFMB tax
musculus superficialis compartimenti cruris posterioris
14965/NFMB tax
musculus profundus compartimenti cruris posterioris
14975/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti femoris anterioris
14976/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti femoris medialis
14977/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti femoris posterioris
14978/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti cruris anterioris
14979/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti cruris posterioris
15120/NFMB tax
compartimentum femoris
15121/NFMB tax
compartimentum cruris
15122/NFMB tax
compartimentum pedis
15250/NF1B single
compartimentum perinei superficiale (spatium perinei superficiale )
15251/NF1B single
compartimentum perinei profundum (spatium perinei profundum )
15252/NFMB pair
compartimentum thenare
15253/NFMB pair
compartimentum palmare
15264/NFMB pair
compartimentum hypothenare
15265/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti hypothenaris
15266/NFMB pset
musculus compartimenti thenaris
15271/NFMB pset
compartimentum manus
15311/NFMB tax
compartimentum palmae manus
by apposition
12299/MFMB voc
nomen compartimentum
Vocabulary by string
compartimentum superficiale
compartimentum anatomicum
compartimentum colli
compartimentum axillae
Number of occurrences
58 items
Date: 02.01.2023