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nomen insula

Official Latin term nomen insula
Official subsidiary term word insula
Unit identifier TAH:U12280
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen insula
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 12280
nomen insula
By noun
6030/NFMB pair
6031/NFMB pset
gyrus insulae
6032/NFMB pset
gyrus longus insulae
6033/NFMB pset
gyrus brevis insulae
6034/NFMB pair
sulcus centralis superior insulae
6035/NFMB pair
sulcus circularis insulae
6036/NFMB pair
limen insulae
6194/NF1B pset
insula terminalis (insula olfactoria )
6194/NFMB pset
insula olfactoria
11498/NFMB pair
gyrus longus anterior insulae
11508/NFMB pair
gyrus longus posterior insulae
11509/NFMB pair
gyrus brevis anterior insulae
11510/NFMB pair
gyrus brevis medius insulae
11511/NFMB pair
gyrus brevis posterior insulae
11512/NFMB del
gyrus supracentralis insulae
11513/NFMB pair
gyrus accessorius anterior insulae
11581/NFMB single
sulcus insulae
12167/NFMB pair
gyrus transversus insulae
By adjective
3999/AFMB pair
pars insularis arteriae cerebri mediae
4000/AFMB pset
arteria insularis
4607/AFMB pset
vena insularis
6035/AF1B pair
sulcus periinsularis (sulcus circularis insulae )
7827/AFMB pset
cellula insularis laminae spinalis II
9180/AFMB pair
complexus claustroinsularis
9186/AF1B pair
claustrum insulare (claustrum dorsale )
9188/AFMB pair
cortex insularis
9189/AFMB pair
cortex insularis agranularis
9206/AFMB pset
neuron projectionis corticis insularis
9222/AFMB pset
neuron bipolare magnum corticis insularis
9223/AFMB pair
cortex insularis dysgranularis
9227/AFMB pair
cortex insularis granularis
12437/AFMB tax
segmentum operculi insularis
12439/AFMB pair
operculum insulare
Number of occurrences
33 items
Date: 24.06.2022