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nomen auricula auris

Official Latin term nomen auricula auris
Official subsidiary term word auricle of ear
Unit identifier TAH:U12249
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen mixtum
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Vocabulary for 12249
nomen auricula auris
Reference 7103
auricula auris
By noun
7103/NFMB pair
auricula auris
7104/NFMB pair
lobulus auriculae auris
7105/NFMB pair
cartilago auriculae auris
7114/NFMB pair
concha auriculae
7121/NFMB pair
tuberculum auriculare (tuberculum auriculae auris )
7122/NFMB pair
apex auriculae auris
7123/NFMB pair
sulcus posterior auriculae auris
7126/NFMB pair
incisura terminalis auriculae auris
7129/NFMB pair
fossa antihelicis auriculae (fossa antihelica auriculae )
7142/NFMB pair
musculus pyramidalis auriculae auris
7144/NFMB pair
musculus transversus auriculae auris
7145/NFMB pair
musculus obliquus auriculae auris
8129/NFMB pair
facies lateralis auriculae
8132/NFMB pair
facies medialis auriculae
14163/NFMB tax
divisio auriculae auris
14191/NFMB tax
pars conchalis auriculae auris
By adjective
1695/AFMB pair
musculus auricularis superior
1696/AFMB pair
musculus auricularis superior
1697/AFMB pair
musculus auricularis posterior
6445/AFMB pset
nervus auricularis anterior nervi auriculotemporalis
6468/AFMB pair
nervus auricularis posterior
6469/AFMB pair
ramus occipitalis nervi auricularis posterioris
6470/AFMB pair
ramus auricularis nervi auricularis posterioris
6522/AFMB pair
ramus auricularis nervi vagi
6576/AFMB pair
nervus auricularis magnus
6577/AF1B pair
ramus dorsalis nervi auricularis magni (ramus posterior nervi auricularis magni )
6577/AFMB pair
ramus posterior nervi auricularis magni
6578/AF1B pair
ramus ventralis nervi auricularis magni (ramus anterior nervi auricularis magni )
6578/AFMB pair
ramus anterior nervi auricularis magni
7133/AFMB pset
ligamentum auriculare
7134/AFMB pair
ligamentum auriculare anterius
7135/AFMB pair
ligamentum auriculare superius
7136/AFMB pair
ligamentum auriculare posterius
10483/AFMB pset
musculus auricularis extrinsicus
13358/AFMB pset
musculus auricularis intrinsicus
By prefix
6440/PFMB pair
nervus auriculotemporalis
6443/PFMB pset
ramus parotideus nervi auriculotemporalis
6446/PFMB pset
ramus temporalis superficialis nervi auriculotemporalis
6517/PFMB pair
ramus communicans auriculotemporalis nervi glossopharyngei
14159/PFMB tax
pars auriculotemporalis capitis proprii
14160/PFMB tax
divisio partis auriculotemporalis capitis proprii
Vocabulary by string
auricula dextra
auricula sinistra
regio auricularis
facies auricularis ilii
ramus auricularis
arteria auricularis posterior
ramus auricularis
arteria auricularis profunda
vena auricularis anterior
vena auricularis posterior
ramus nervi auriculotemporalis
Number of occurrences
52 items
Date: 22.06.2022