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nomen substantia

Official Latin term nomen substantia
Official subsidiary term word matter
Unit identifier TAH:U12214
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen substantia
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 12214
nomen substantia
By noun
5069/NFMB single
substantia grisea systematis nervosi centralis
5076/NFMB single
substantia alba systematis nervosi centralis
5157/NFMB single
substantia grisea medullae spinalis
5181/NF1B pair
substantia gelatinosa (lamina spinalis II )
5204/NFMB single
substantia alba medullae spinalis
5288/NFMB single
substantia alba rhombencephali caudalis
5335/NFMB single
substantia grisea rhombencephali caudalis
5432/NFMB single
substantia alba pontis
5441/NFMB single
substantia grisea pontis
5453/NFMB single
substantia alba rhombencephali rostralis
5602/NFMB single
substantia alba tegmenti mesencephali
5625/NFMB single
substantia grisea tegmenti mesencephali
5645/NF1B single
substantia grisea centralis (substantia grisea periaqueductalis )
5645/NFMB single
substantia grisea periaqueductalis
5813/NFMB pair
substantia grisea thalami
5870/NFMB pair
substantia alba thalami
5954/NFMB single
substantia alba hypothalami
6203/NFMB del
substantia perforata anterior
7478/NFMB single
substantia grisea structurarum centralium mesencephali (substantia grisea structurae centralis mesencephali )
7480/NFMB single
substantia alba structurarum centralium mesencephali (substantia alba structurae centralis mesencephali )
7824/NFMB pset
cellula centralis transiens laminae spinalis II
7825/NFMB pset
cellula radialis laminae spinalis II
7826/NFMB pset
cellula verticalis laminae spinalis II
7827/NFMB pset
cellula insularis laminae spinalis II
7828/NFMB pset
cellula centralis tonica laminae spinalis II
8035/NFMB pair
substantia alba pedunculi cerebri
8640/NFMB single
substantia grisea pretecti
8644/NFMB single
substantia alba pretecti
8650/NFMB single
substantia grisea tegmenti prerubralis diencephali
8651/NFMB single
substantia alba tegmenti prerubralis diencephali
8741/NFMB pair
substantia reticularis alba
8764/NFMB pair
substantia alba hippocampi
8786/NFMB pair
substantia alba corporis amygdaloidei
8805/NFMB pair
substantia alba nucleorum basalium (substantia alba nuclei basalis )
9033/NFMB single
substantia grisea prethalami
9035/NFMB single
substantia grisea hypothalami
9046/NFMB single
substantia alba tecti mesencephali
9048/NFMB single
substantia grisea tecti mesencephali
9104/NFMB single
substantia alba epithalami
9184/NFMB single
substantia grisea epithalami
9449/NFMB pair
substantia alba hemispherii cerebri
9839/NFMB pair
substantia grisea striati
9840/NFMB pair
substantia grisea nuclei caudati
9845/NFMB pair
substantia grisea pallidi
11624/NFMB tax
nucleus substantiae griseae hypothalami
11625/NFMB tax
nucleus substantiae griseae subthalami (nucleus substantiae griseae prethalami )
11626/NFMB tax
nucleus substantiae griseae prethalami
11627/NFMB tax
nucleus substantiae griseae thalami
11632/NFMB tax
nucleus substantiae griseae epithalami
11633/NFMB tax
nucleus substantiae griseae tegmenti prerubralis diencephali
11634/NFMB tax
nucleus substantiae griseae pretecti
11642/NFMB tax
lamina substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis
11867/NFMB single
substantia grisea rhombencephali rostralis
12013/NFMB tax
nomen substantiae albae systematis nervosi centralis
12015/NFMB voc
nomen substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis
12021/NFMB single
substantia alba cerebralis
12389/NFMB tax
substantia alba neuraxis
12426/NFMB tax
substantia grisea telencephali
13609/NFMB tax
segmentum substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis
13610/NFMB tax
segmentum substantiae griseae telencephali
19629/NFMB tax
substantia grisea subcorticalis
19689/NFMB tax
regio substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis
Vocabulary by string
substantia corticalis
substantia compacta
substantia spongiosa
substantia muscularis
substantia visceralis secundaria
substantia grisea
substantia solida
substantia alba telencephali
Number of occurrences
70 items
Date: 24.06.2022