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nomen neocortex

Official Latin term nomen neocortex
Official subsidiary term word neocortex
Unit identifier TAH:U12106
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis
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Vocabulary for 12106
nomen neocortex
By noun
6130/NF1B pair
neocortex (isocortex )
6131/NFMB pset
stratum isocorticis
6132/NF1B pair
lamina I isocorticis (lamina molecularis isocorticis )
6132/NFMB pair
lamina molecularis isocorticis
6133/NF1B pair
lamina II isocorticis (lamina granularis externa isocorticis )
6133/NFMB pair
lamina granularis externa isocorticis
6134/NF1B pair
lamina III isocorticis (lamina pyramidalis externa isocorticis )
6134/NFMB pair
lamina pyramidalis externa isocorticis
6135/NF1B pair
lamina IV isocorticis (lamina granularis interna isocorticis )
6135/NFMB pair
lamina granularis interna isocorticis
6136/NF1B pair
lamina V isocorticis (lamina pyramidalis interna isocorticis )
6136/NFMB pair
lamina pyramidalis interna isocorticis
6137/NF1B pair
lamina VI isocorticis (lamina multiformis isocorticis )
6137/NFMB pair
lamina multiformis isocorticis
8814/NFMB pset
neuron pyramidale magnum isocorticis
8815/NFMB pset
neuron pyramidale giganteum isocorticis
8816/NFMB pset
neuron pyramidale medium isocorticis
8817/NFMB pset
neuron pyramidale parvum isocorticis
8818/NF1B pset
interneuron spinosum isocorticis (interneuron excitatorium isocorticis )
8818/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium isocorticis
8819/NFMB pset
neuron stellatum spinosum isocorticis
8820/NF1B pset
interneuron leve isocorticis (interneuron inhibitorium isocorticis )
8820/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium isocorticis
8821/NFMB pset
neuron axodendriticum isocorticis
8822/NFMB pset
neuron bipolare isocorticis
8823/NFMB pset
neuron horizontale isocorticis
8824/NFMB pset
neuron multiplumosum isocorticis
8825/NF1B pset
neuron araneiforme isocorticis (neuron neurogliaforme isocorticis )
8825/NFMB pset
neuron neurogliaforme isocorticis
8828/NF1B pset
neuron biplumosum isocorticis (neuron racemiforme bifasciculare isocorticis )
8828/NFMB pset
neuron racemiforme bifasciculare isocorticis
8829/NFMB pset
neuron axosomatodendriticum isocorticis
8831/NFMB pset
neuron corbiforme magnum isocorticis
8832/NFMB pset
neuron corbiforme parvum isocorticis
8833/NFMB pset
neuron axoaxonale isocorticis
8834/NFMB pset
neuron candelarium isocorticis
8928/NFMB pset
stria fibrarum myelinatarum isocorticis (stria isocorticis )
9116/NFMB pair
columna corticalis isocorticis
9135/NFMB pset
neuron isocorticis
9139/NF1B pset
neuron pyramidale isocorticis (neuron projectionis isocorticis )
9139/NFMB pset
neuron projectionis isocorticis
9143/NFMB pset
neuron commissurale isocorticis
9155/NFMB pset
neuron associationis isocorticis
9170/NFMB pset
interneuron isocorticis
by apposition
12106/MFMB voc
nomen neocortex
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Date: 25.06.2022