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nomen cavum

Official Latin term nomen cavum
Official subsidiary term word cave
Unit identifier TAH:U12091
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei incorporeae
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Vocabulary for 12091
nomen cavum
By noun
5100/NFMB pair
cavum trigeminale
6099/NFMB single
cavum septi pellucidi
7813/NFMB pair
porus trigeminalis cavi trigeminalis
By adjective
2666/AFMB single
sulcus venae cavae inferioris
4480/AFMB single
vena cava superior
4727/AFMB single
vena cava inferior
10398/AFMB single
organum cavum
10400/AFMB single
organum partium cavorum (organum partium cavorum )
13219/AFMB tax
organum cavum arboriale
13220/AFMB tax
segmentum organi cavi sanguinei
13221/AFMB tax
organum cavum vasculosum
13222/AFMB tax
organum cavum sanguineum
13223/AFMB tax
organum cavum arteriosum
13224/AFMB tax
organum cavum venosum
13351/AFMB single
organum cavum arteriosum pulmonale
13352/AFMB single
organum cavum arteriosum systemicum
13442/AFMB tax
organum cavum lymphoideum
13909/AFMB tax
divisio venae cavae superioris
13910/AFMB tax
divisio venae cavae inferioris
23106/AFMB tax
segmentum organi cavi arborialis
23107/AFMB single
segmentum organi cavi vasculosi
23108/AFMB tax
segmentum organi cavi arteriosi
23116/AFMB tax
segmentum organi cavi venosi
Vocabulary by string
foramen venae cavae
tendo valvulae venae cavae inferioris
ostium venae cavae inferioris
ostium venae cavae superioris
sinus venarum cavarum
valvula venae cavae inferioris
plica venae cavae sinistrae
ligamentum venae cavae sinistrae
Number of occurrences
31 items
Date: 19.06.2022