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nomen fascia

Official Latin term nomen fascia
Official subsidiary term fascia word
Unit identifier TAH:U12084
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis muscularis
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Vocabulary for 12084
nomen fascia
By noun
1662/NFMB single
fascia investiens
1721/NFMB pair
fascia buccopharyngea
1722/NFMB pair
fascia masseterica
1723/NFMB pair
fascia parotidea
1724/NFMB pair
fascia temporalis
1725/NFMB pair
lamina superficialis fasciae temporalis
1726/NFMB pair
lamina profunda fasciae temporalis
1761/NFMB single
fascia cervicalis
1762/NFMB single
fascia cervicalis superficialis
1764/NFMB single
fascia cervicalis visceralis
1787/NFMB pair
fascia nuchae (fascia nuchalis )
1831/NFMB single
fascia thoracolumbalis
1852/NFMB pair
fascia pectoralis
1853/NFMB pair
fascia clavipectoralis
1854/NFMB pair
fascia thoracica
1855/NF1B pair
fascia parietalis thoracis (fascia endothoracica )
1855/NFMB pair
fascia endothoracica
1872/NFMB single
fascia diaphragmatica
1901/NFMB single
fascia abdominis
1902/NFMB single
fascia abdominis visceralis
1903/NFMB single
fascia propria organi
1904/NFMB single
fascia extraperitonealis
1906/NF1B single
fascia endoabdominalis (fascia abdominis parietalis )
1906/NFMB single
fascia abdominis parietalis
1907/NF1B single
fascia iliaca (fascia iliopsoas )
1907/NFMB single
fascia iliopsoas
1908/NFMB single
pars psoatica fasciae iliopsoas
1909/NFMB single
pars iliaca fasciae iliopsoas
1911/NFMB pair
fascia transversalis
1914/NFMB pair
fascia umbilicalis
1915/NFMB single
fascia investiens abdominis
1916/NFMB single
fascia investiens profunda
1917/NFMB single
fascia investiens intermedia
1918/NFMB single
fascia investiens superficialis
1927/NFMB single
fascia pelvis (fascia pelvica )
1928/NFMB single
fascia pelvis visceralis (fascia pelvica visceralis )
1929/NFMB single
fascia propria organi
1931/NFMB single
fascia rectovaginalis ♀
1932/NFMB single
fascia extraperitonealis
1934/NF1B single
fascia endopelvica (fascia parietalis )
1934/NFMB single
fascia parietalis
1936/NFMB single
fascia obturatoria
1937/NFMB single
arcus tendineus fasciae pelvis
1938/NFMB single
fascia musculi piriformis
1939/NFMB single
fascia superior diaphragmatis pelvis
1947/NFMB single
fascia presacralis
1948/NFMB single
fascia rectosacralis
1949/NF1B single
fascia inferior diaphragmatis pelvis (membrana perinei )
1986/NFMB pair
fascia supraspinata
1988/NFMB pair
fascia infraspinata
2047/NFMB pset
fascia membri superioris
2048/NFMB pair
fascia axillaris
2050/NFMB pair
fascia deltoidea
2051/NFMB pair
fascia brachii
2054/NFMB pair
fascia antebrachii
2055/NFMB pair
fascia dorsalis manus
2080/NFMB pair
musculus tensor fasciae latae femoris
2142/NFMB pset
fascia membri inferioris
2143/NFMB pair
fascia lata femoris
2161/NFMB pair
fascia cribrosa
2162/NFMB pair
fascia cruris
2171/NFMB pair
fascia dorsalis pedis
2505/NFMB ref
3428/NFMB single
fascia perinei
6073/NF1B pair
fascia dentata (gyrus dentatus )
6163/NFMB pset
stratum gyri dentati
6164/NFMB pair
stratum moleculare gyri dentati
6165/NFMB pair
stratum granulare gyri dentati
6166/NFMB pair
stratum multiforme gyri dentati
7033/NFMB pair
vagina bulbi oculi (fascia bulbi oculi )
7037/NFMB pset
fascia muscularis bulbi oculi
7753/NFMB pset
fascia orbitalis
8738/NFMB pair
limbus fasciae dentatae (limbus gyri dentati )
8911/NFMB pset
ramus gyri dentati arteriae choroideae anterioris
9399/NFMB pset
neuron gyri dentati
9400/NFMB pset
neuron projectionis gyri dentati
9401/NFMB pset
neuron granulare gyri dentati
9402/NFMB pset
interneuron gyri dentati
9403/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium gyri dentati
9404/NF1B pset
neuron stellatum gyri dentati (neuron muscosum gyri dentati )
9404/NFMB pset
neuron muscosum gyri dentati
9405/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium gyri dentati
9406/NFMB pset
neuron corbiforme pyramidale gyri dentati
9407/NF1B pset
neuron axoaxonale gyri dentati (neuron candelarium gyri dentati )
9407/NFMB pset
neuron candelarium gyri dentati
10269/NFMB pset
fascia thoracis
10402/NFMB single
organum fascia
11012/NFMB ref
11025/NFMB single
fascia rectoprostatica
13884/NFMB tax
fascia musculi
14539/NFMB tax
zona fasciae investientis
14543/NFMB tax
fascia investiens
14544/NFMB tax
fascia profunda membri
14545/NFMB tax
fascia profunda membri superioris
14906/NFMB tax
regio fasciae cervicalis
14908/NFMB tax
lamina fasciae cervicalis
14947/NFMB tax
fascia investiens membri inferioris
14948/NFMB tax
zona fasciae investientis membri inferioris
14949/NFMB tax
zona fasciae investientis membri inferioris liberi
14984/NFMB tax
zona fasciae investientis femoris
14985/NFMB tax
zona fasciae latae femoris
14986/NFMB tax
fascia investiens membri inferioris liberi
14987/NFMB tax
fascia investiens femoris
14989/NFMB tax
zona fasciae superficialis
14990/NFMB tax
zona fasciae superficialis membri
14991/NFMB tax
fascia superficialis divisionis membri inferioris
14992/NFMB tax
fascia superficialis divisionis cinguli pelvici
14995/NFMB tax
fascia superficialis
15008/NFMB tax
fascia superficialis membri
15013/NFMB tax
fascia componentis organi
15014/NFMB tax
zona fasciae profundae cruris
15025/NFMB tax
fascia profunda cruris
15034/NFMB tax
zona fasciae profundae pedis
15035/NFMB tax
fascia profunda pedis
15210/NFMB pset
fascia capitis
15211/NFMB pair
fascia temporoparietalis
15212/NFMB pair
fascia buccalis
15224/NFMB tax
fascia investiens membri
15231/NFMB tax
zona fasciae internae
15232/NFMB tax
zona fasciae abdominis
15233/NFMB tax
zona fasciae endoabdominalis
15234/NFMB tax
zona fasciae endoabdominalis labii
15235/NFMB tax
fascia interna
15236/NFMB tax
fascia endoabdominalis
15237/NFMB tax
fascia endoabdominalis densa
15242/NFMB single
fascia cervicalis media
15243/NFMB single
fascia scalena
15245/NFMB single
fascia cervicalis profunda
15246/NFMB single
fascia intercarotica
15291/NFMB pair
fascia poplitea
15302/NF1B pair
fascia superior diaphragmatis (fascia phrenicopleuralis )
15302/NFMB pair
fascia phrenicopleuralis
by apposition
12084/MFMB voc
nomen fascia
By adjective
2239/AFMB pair
bursa subfascialis prepatellaris
Vocabulary by string
fascia craniocervicalis
fascia trunci
fascia parietalis
fascia extraserosalis
fascia visceralis
fascia membrorum
fascia musculorum
fascia propria musculi
fascia rectoprostatica ♂
fascia propria organi
fascia pharyngobasilaris
fascia precaecocolica
fascia phrenicopleuralis
fascia renalis
fascia clitoridis
fascia spermatica externa
fascia cremasterica
fascia spermatica interna
Number of occurrences
154 items
Date: 11.12.2022