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nomen circulus

Official Latin term nomen circulus
Official subsidiary term word circle
Unit identifier TAH:U12075
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen structurae geometricae
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Vocabulary for 12075
nomen circulus
By noun
3574/NFMB single
circulus arteriosus
3575/NFMB single
circulus vascularis
4026/NFMB single
circulus arteriosus cerebri (circulus arteriosus cerebri )
6946/NFMB pair
circulus arteriosus major iridis
6947/NFMB pair
circulus arteriosus minor iridis
6984/NFMB pair
circulus vasculosus nervi optici
By adjective
2548/AFMB single
stratum circulare tunicae muscularis gastris
2564/AFMB single
stratum circulare tunicae muscularis intestini tenuis
2565/AFMB set
plica circularis intestini tenuis
2628/AFMB single
stratum circulare coli
2643/AFMB single
stratum circulare recti
3128/AFMB single
stratum circulare musculi detrusoris vesicae urinariae
3264/AFMB single
stratum circulare tunicae muscularis urethrae femininae
3395/AFMB single
stratum circulare tunicae muscularis urethrae prostaticae
6035/AFMB pair
sulcus circularis insulae
6930/AFMB pset
fibra circularis corporis ciliaris
7183/AFMB pair
prominentia canalis semicircularis lateralis
7261/AFMB pset
canalis semicircularis
7262/AFMB pair
canalis semicircularis anterior
7264/AFMB pair
canalis semicircularis posterior
7268/AFMB pair
canalis semicircularis lateralis
7311/AFMB pset
ductus semicircularis
7312/AFMB pair
ductus semicircularis anterior
7314/AFMB pair
ductus semicircularis posterior
7318/AFMB pair
ductus semicircularis lateralis
7491/AFMB pset
plica circularis iridis
8181/AFMB pset
fibra circularis interna membranae tympanicae
Number of occurrences
27 items
Date: 19.06.2022