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nomen terminalis

Official Latin term nomen terminalis
Official subsidiary term word terminal
Unit identifier TAH:U12032
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei unspecificati
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Vocabulary for 12032
nomen terminalis
by apposition
12032/MFMB voc
nomen terminalis
By adjective
2421/AFMB single
sulcus terminalis linguae
3646/AFMB single
crista terminalis atrii dextri
3656/AFMB single
sulcus terminalis cordis
5120/AFMB single
cisterna laminae terminalis
5135/AFMB single
filum terminale
5136/AF2B single
filum terminale externum (pars duralis fili terminalis )
5136/AFMB single
pars duralis fili terminalis
5137/AF1B single
filum terminale internum (pars pialis fili terminalis )
5137/AFMB single
pars pialis fili terminalis
5142/AFMB single
pars spinalis fili terminalis
5143/AFMB single
ventriculus terminalis medullae spinalis
5797/AFMB single
lamina terminalis
5949/AFMB single
organum vasculosum laminae terminalis
6048/AFMB pair
gyrus paraterminalis
6111/AFMB pair
stria terminalis
6185/AFMB pair
nucleus striae terminalis
6194/AF1B pset
insula terminalis (insula olfactoria )
6368/AFMB pair
nervus terminalis
6369/AFMB pair
ganglion terminale
7126/AFMB pair
incisura terminalis auriculae auris auris
7141/AFMB pair
musculus incisurae terminalis auriculae auris auris
7728/AFMB single
pes terminalis neuri coniferi
8567/AFMB pair
nucleus terminalis lateralis
10426/AFMB lex
incisura terminalis
23495/AFMB tax
ramus terminalis arteriae ophthalmicae
Vocabulary by string
linea terminalis pelvis
pars terminalis
Number of occurrences
28 items
Date: 02.09.2022