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nomen gyri

Official Latin term nomen gyri
Official subsidiary term word of gyrus
Unit identifier TAH:U11835
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 11835
nomen gyri
Reference 5973
gyrus cerebri
By noun
4006/NFMB pair
arteria gyri angularis arteriae cerebri mediae
4609/NFMB pair
vena gyri recti
5973/NFMB pset
gyrus cerebri
5994/NFMB pair
gyrus frontalis inferior
5995/NFMB pair
pars orbitalis gyri frontalis inferioris
5996/NFMB pair
pars triangularis gyri frontalis inferioris
5997/NFMB pair
pars opercularis gyri frontalis inferioris
5999/NFMB pair
gyrus frontalis medius
6000/NFMB pair
gyrus precentralis
6002/NFMB pair
gyrus frontalis superior
6005/NFMB pair
gyrus angularis
6009/NFMB pair
gyrus postcentralis
6012/NFMB pair
gyrus supramarginalis lobi parietalis
6019/NFMB pair
gyrus temporalis superior
6021/NFMB pset
gyrus temporalis transversus
6022/NFMB pair
gyrus temporalis transversus anterior
6023/NFMB pair
gyrus temporalis transversus posterior
6027/NFMB pair
gyrus temporalis medius
6029/NFMB pair
gyrus temporalis inferior
6031/NFMB pset
gyrus insulae
6032/NFMB pset
gyrus longus insulae
6033/NFMB pset
gyrus brevis insulae
6046/NFMB pair
gyrus paracentralis anterior
6047/NF1B pair
gyrus subcallosus (area subcallosa )
6048/NFMB pair
gyrus paraterminalis
6050/NFMB pair
gyrus paraolfactorius
6052/NFMB pset
gyrus orbitalis
6054/NFMB pair
gyrus rectus
6056/NFMB del
gyrus olfactorius
6057/NFMB del
gyrus olfactorius medialis
6058/NFMB pair
gyrus paracentralis posterior
6062/NF1B pair
gyrus occipitotemporalis medialis (gyrus lingualis )
6062/NFMB pair
gyrus lingualis
6063/NF1B pair
gyrus occipitotemporalis lateralis (gyrus fusiformis )
6063/NFMB pair
gyrus fusiformis
6064/NFMB del
6067/NFMB pair
gyrus cingularis
6068/NFMB pair
isthmus gyri cingularis
6069/NFMB pair
gyrus fasciolaris
6070/NFMB pair
gyrus parahippocampalis
6073/NFMB pair
gyrus dentatus
6162/NFMB del
gyrus dentatus
8666/NFMB pair
gyrus subcentralis
8675/NFMB pair
gyrus orbitalis medialis
8676/NFMB pair
gyrus orbitalis anterior
8677/NFMB pair
gyrus orbitalis posterior
8678/NFMB pair
gyrus orbitalis lateralis
8691/NFMB pair
gyrus occipitalis descendens
8701/NFMB pair
gyrus occipitalis superior
8702/NFMB pair
gyrus occipitalis medius
8703/NFMB pair
gyrus occipitalis inferior
8706/NFMB pair
pars anterior gyri temporalis superioris
8708/NFMB pair
pars posterior gyri temporalis superioris
8717/NFMB pair
gyrus limbicus
8718/NFMB pair
pars anterior gyri cingularis
8720/NFMB pair
pars media gyri cingularis
8726/NFMB pair
pars posterior gyri cingularis
8734/NFMB pair
gyrus ambiens
8736/NFMB pair
gyrus semilunaris
8737/NFMB pair
gyrus uncinatus
8739/NFMB pair
gyrus intralimbicus
8762/NF1B pset
gyrus subsplenialis (dens subiculi )
11029/NFMB pair
gyrus frontopolaris superior
11032/NFMB pair
gyrus frontopolaris medius
11034/NFMB pair
gyrus frontopolaris inferior
11035/NFMB pair
gyrus frontomarginalis lobi frontalis
11497/NFMB tax
gyrus lobi frontalis
11498/NFMB pair
gyrus longus anterior insulae
11508/NFMB pair
gyrus longus posterior insulae
11509/NFMB pair
gyrus brevis anterior insulae
11510/NFMB pair
gyrus brevis medius insulae
11511/NFMB pair
gyrus brevis posterior insulae
11512/NFMB del
gyrus supracentralis insulae
11513/NFMB pair
gyrus accessorius anterior insulae
11516/NFMB tax
gyrus lobi limbici
11549/NFMB single
segmentum gyri lobi frontalis (segmentum gyri lobi frontalis )
12159/NFMB pair
gyrus paracingularis
12164/NFMB pair
pars medialis gyri fusiformis
12165/NFMB pair
pars lateralis gyri fusiformis
12167/NFMB pair
gyrus transversus insulae
12236/NFMB pair
cortex motorius primarius gyri precentralis
12237/NFMB pair
cortex motorius primarius gyri paracentralis anterioris
12238/NFMB pair
cortex somatosensorius primarius gyri postcentralis
12239/NFMB pair
cortex somatosensorius primarius gyri paracentralis posterioris
12423/NFMB single
segmentum gyri frontalis inferioris
12424/NFMB single
segmentum gyri frontalis medii
12425/NFMB single
segmentum gyri frontalis superioris
12428/NFMB single
segmentum gyri lobi occipitalis
12429/NFMB single
segmentum gyri lobi temporalis
12430/NFMB single
segmentum gyri lobi limbici
12438/NFMB pset
gyrus interlobaris
13277/NFMB tax
segmentum gyri cingularis
13279/NFMB tax
segmentum gyri parahippocampalis
18772/NFMB tax
gyrus lobi temporalis
18773/NFMB tax
gyrus lobi occipitalis
18774/NFMB tax
gyrus lobi limbici
by noun complement
11835/CFMB voc
nomen gyri
Vocabulary by string
gyrus lobi occipitalis
gyrus lobi parietalis
gyrus lobi temporalis
gyrus temporalis transversus insulae
gyrus lobi frontalis
Number of occurrences
102 items
Date: 24.06.2022