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nomen area corporea

Official Latin term nomen area corporea
Official subsidiary term word material area
Unit identifier TAH:U11800
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 11800
nomen area corporea
By noun
3070/NFMB single
area cribrosa classis pyramidum renalium
5252/NFMB single
area spinalis X medullae spinalis
5277/NFMB pair
area retroolivaris rhombencephali caudalis
5392/NFMB pair
area postrema
5805/NFMB pair
area pretectalis
5911/NF1B pair
area hypothalamica chiasmatica (area hypothalamica anterior )
5911/NFMB pair
area hypothalamica anterior
5929/NF1B pair
area hypothalamica chiasmatica (area hypothalamica intermedia )
5929/NFMB pair
area hypothalamica intermedia
5935/NFMB pair
area retrochiasmatica
5938/NFMB single
area hypothalamica lateralis
5942/NF1B pair
area hypothalamica corporis mammillaris (area hypothalamica posterior )
5942/NFMB pair
area hypothalamica posterior
6047/NFMB pair
area subcallosa
6049/NFMB pair
area paraolfactoria
6299/NFMB del
cellula aminergica areae tegmentalis ventralis
6300/NFMB del
cellula dopaminergica areae tegmentalis ventralis
6301/NFMB del
cellula noradrenergica areae tegmentalis ventralis
6305/NFMB pset
cellula dopaminergica areae hypothalamicae anterioris
6320/NFMB del
cellula cholinergica areae tegmentalis dorsalis (cellula cholinergica areae tegmentalis ventralis )
7293/NFMB pair
area facialis
7295/NFMB pair
area vestibularis superior
7296/NFMB pair
area vestibularis inferior
7298/NFMB pair
area cochlearis
7487/NFMB pair
pars anterior areae hypothalamicae lateralis
7524/NFMB pair
pars tuberalis areae hypothalamicae lateralis
8602/NFMB pair
pars posterior areae hypothalamicae lateralis
8692/NFMB pair
area striata superolateralis
8704/NFMB pair
area striata inferomedialis
8709/NFMB pair
area extrastriata inferomedialis
8784/NFMB pair
area extrastriata superolateralis
8851/NFMB pset
area sensoria primaria
8852/NFMB pset
area sensoria unimodalis
8869/NFMB pair
area motoria primaria
8919/NFMB pset
area motoria nonprimaria
9896/NF1B pair
ramus cutaneus dorsalis areae motoriae primariae (ramus cutaneus posterior areae motoriae primariae )
9896/NF2B pair
nervus clunialis superior areae motoriae primariae (ramus cutaneus posterior areae motoriae primariae )
9896/NFMB pair
ramus cutaneus posterior areae motoriae primariae
11028/NFMB pair
area frontopolaris
12250/NF1B pair
area tegmentalis anterior (area tegmentalis ventralis )
12250/NFMB pair
area tegmentalis ventralis
14773/NFMB pset
cellula dopaminergica areae tegmentalis ventralis
Vocabulary by string
area intercondylaris anterior
area intercondylaris posterior
area contingens
area nuda
area trapezoidea
area associationis ordini magni; area major associationis
nomen area incorporea
Number of occurrences
49 items
Date: 24.06.2022