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nomen tegmentum

Official Latin term nomen tegmentum
Official subsidiary term word tegmentum
Unit identifier TAH:U11762
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 11762
nomen tegmentum
Reference 5578
tegmentum mesencephali
By noun
5452/NFMB del
tegmentum pontinum
5578/NFMB single
tegmentum mesencephali
5602/NFMB single
substantia alba tegmenti mesencephali
5625/NFMB single
substantia grisea tegmenti mesencephali
5684/NFMB set
nucleus reticularis tegmenti mesencephali
7445/NFMB pset
nucleus dopaminergicus tegmenti mesencephali
7464/NFMB pset
radix centralis tegmenti mesencephali
8561/NFMB pset
nucleus somatomotorius tegmenti mesencephali
8564/NFMB pset
nucleus somatosensorius tegmenti mesencephali
8566/NFMB pset
nucleus visualis tegmenti mesencephali
8568/NFMB pset
nucleus visceromotorius tegmenti mesencephali
8589/NFMB pset
nucleus limbicus tegmenti mesencephali
8590/NFMB pset
nucleus precerebellaris tegmenti mesencephali
8622/NF1B single
tegmentum diencephali (tegmentum prerubrale diencephali )
8622/NFMB single
tegmentum prerubrale diencephali
8650/NFMB single
substantia grisea tegmenti prerubralis diencephali
8651/NFMB single
substantia alba tegmenti prerubralis diencephali
8652/NFMB set
tractus longus tegmenti prerubralis diencephali
9055/NF1B pset
nucleus auditorius tegmenti mesencephali (nucleus acusticus tegmenti mesencephali )
9055/NFMB pset
nucleus acusticus tegmenti mesencephali
9066/NFMB pset
tractus longus tegmenti mesencephali
15263/NFMB pset
nucleus neuromodulatorius tegmenti mesencephali
By adjective
5476/AFMB pair
tractus tegmentalis centralis
5520/AF1B pair
nucleus tegmentalis anterior (nucleus tegmentalis ventralis )
5520/AFMB pair
nucleus tegmentalis ventralis
5534/AF1B pair
nucleus tegmentalis posterior (nucleus tegmentalis dorsalis )
5534/AFMB pair
nucleus tegmentalis dorsalis
5541/AFMB pair
nucleus reticulotegmentalis
5623/AF1B pair
decussatio tegmentalis anterior (decussatio tegmentalis ventralis )
5623/AFMB pair
decussatio tegmentalis ventralis
5654/AF1B pset
nucleus tegmentalis anterior mesencephali (nucleus tegmentalis ventralis mesencephali )
5654/AFMB pset
nucleus tegmentalis ventralis mesencephali
5660/AF1B pair
nucleus pedunculotegmentalis (nucleus tegmentalis pedunculopontinus )
5660/AFMB pair
nucleus tegmentalis pedunculopontinus
5662/AFMB del
6299/AFMB del
cellula aminergica areae tegmentalis ventralis
6300/AFMB del
cellula dopaminergica areae tegmentalis ventralis
6301/AFMB del
cellula noradrenergica areae tegmentalis ventralis
6320/AFMB del
cellula cholinergica areae tegmentalis dorsalis (cellula cholinergica areae tegmentalis ventralis )
7164/AFMB pair
paries tegmentalis auris mediae
8401/AF1B pair
nucleus tegmentalis posterolateralis (nucleus tegmentalis dorsolateralis )
8401/AFMB pair
nucleus tegmentalis dorsolateralis
8402/AFMB pair
pars compacta nuclei tegmentalis pedunculopontini
8403/AFMB pair
pars dissipata nuclei tegmentalis pedunculopontini
12250/AF1B pair
area tegmentalis anterior (area tegmentalis ventralis )
12250/AFMB pair
area tegmentalis ventralis
14060/AFMB pair
processus tegmentalis inferior
14230/AFMB pair
pars mesencephalica tractus tegmentalis centralis
14231/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica rostralis tractus tegmentalis centralis
14232/AFMB pair
pars rhombencephalica caudalis tractus tegmentalis centralis
14773/AFMB pset
cellula dopaminergica areae tegmentalis ventralis
Vocabulary by string
zona sagittalis intermedia cerebelli
decussatio tegmentalis posterior
nucleus tegmentalis posterolateralis
Number of occurrences
54 items
Date: 24.06.2022