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nomen stria

Official Latin term nomen stria
Official subsidiary term word stria
Unit identifier TAH:U11752
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen stria
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis nervosi
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Vocabulary for 11752
nomen stria
By noun
5087/NFMB tax
5470/NFMB pair
stria cochlearis anterior (stria acustica anterior )
5471/NFMB pair
stria cochlearis intermedia (stria acustica intermedia )
5472/NFMB pair
stria cochlearis posterior (stria acustica posterior )
5552/NFMB pset
stria medullaris ventriculi quarti
5774/NF1B pair
stria medullaris thalami (stria medullaris prethalami )
5774/NFMB pair
stria medullaris prethalami
6083/NFMB pair
stria longitudinalis lateralis
6084/NFMB pair
stria longitudinalis medialis
6111/NFMB pair
stria terminalis
6138/NFMB pair
stria laminae molecularis isocorticis
6139/NFMB del
stria laminae granularis externae isocorticis
6140/NFMB del
stria laminae granularis internae isocorticis
6141/NFMB pair
stria occipitalis
6142/NFMB pair
stria laminae pyramidalis internae isocorticis
6180/NFMB pair
nucleus tractus olfactorii lateralis (nucleus striae olfactoriae lateralis )
6185/NFMB pair
nucleus striae terminalis
6200/NFMB pset
stria olfactoria
6201/NFMB pair
stria olfactoria medialis
6202/NFMB pair
stria olfactoria lateralis
7159/NFMB pair
stria mallearis membranae tympanicae
7341/NFMB pair
stria vascularis ductus cochlearis auris internae
8425/NFMB pset
stria cochlearis (stria acustica )
8928/NFMB pset
stria fibrarum myelinatarum isocorticis (stria isocorticis )
9087/NFMB pair
stria laminae pyramidalis externae isocorticis
9114/NFMB pair
stria verticalis
9204/NFMB pair
epithelium marginale striae vascularis ductus cochlearis auris internae
9209/NFMB pset
cellula basalis striae vascularis ductus cochlearis auris internae
9210/NFMB pair
plexus capillaris striae vascularis ductus cochlearis auris internae
9214/NFMB pset
melanocytus intermedius striae vascularis ductus cochlearis auris internae
9215/NFMB pset
cellula marginalis striae vascularis ductus cochlearis auris internae
9514/NFMB lex
stria diagonalis horizontalis
11504/NFMB tax
stria systematis nervosi centralis
by apposition
11752/MFMB voc
nomen stria
Vocabulary by string
stria canina
stria externa
stria interna
Number of occurrences
37 items
Date: 25.06.2022