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nomen secundus

Official Latin term nomen secundus
Official subsidiary term word second
Unit identifier TAH:U11677
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei ordinalis
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Vocabulary for 11677
nomen secundus
By adjective
874/AF1B pair
costa secunda vera (costa secunda )
874/AFMB pair
costa secunda
2031/AFMB pair
musculus extensor indicis
4112/AFMB pair
arteria intercostalis posterior secunda
4113/AFMB pset
ramus dorsalis arteriae intercostalis posterioris secundae
4114/AFMB pset
ramus spinalis arteriae intercostalis posterioris secundae
8782/AFMB pair
sulcus intermedius secundus
9112/AFMB pair
nervus cervicalis secundus
9409/AFMB pair
ganglion thoracicum secundum
9450/AFMB pair
ganglion lumbale secundum
9471/AFMB pair
ganglion sacrale secundum
9619/AF1B pair
digitus secundus (index )
9636/AFMB pair
nervus thoracicus secundus
9869/AFMB pair
nervus lumbalis secundus
9999/AFMB pair
nervus sacralis secundus
10101/AFMB pair
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae lumbalis secundae
10356/AFMB pair
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae secundae
10385/AFMB pair
musculus lumbricalis secundus manus
10461/AFMB pair
musculus interosseus dorsalis secundus
10490/AFMB pair
musculus interosseus palmaris indicis
10619/AFMB single
discus intervertebralis vertebrae lumbalis secundae
10636/AFMB pair
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior secundus
10712/AFMB single
vertebra thoracica secunda
10730/AFMB pair
musculus interspinalis cervicalis secundus
10828/AFMB single
vertebra lumbalis secunda
10847/AFMB pair
os metacarpale indicis
10868/AFMB pair
phalanx proximalis indicis
10885/AFMB pair
phalanx media indicis
10891/AFMB pair
phalanx distalis indicis
11264/AFMB single
discus intervertebralis vertebrae thoracicae secundae
12808/AFMB pair
nervus intercostalis secundus
12892/AFMB pair
ramus musculi lumbricalis secundi manus
12953/AFMB pair
ramus musculi lumbricalis secundi pedis
12967/AFMB pair
ramus musculi interossei plantaris secundi
12968/AFMB pair
ramus musculi interossei dorsalis secundi pedis
13165/AFMB pair
sulcus costae secundae
13463/AFMB tax
phalanx indicis
13761/AFMB pair
arteria metacarpalis dorsalis secunda
13765/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis dorsalis secunda ulnaris
13800/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis dorsalis secunda radialis
13803/AFMB pair
arteria metacarpalis palmaris secunda
13807/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis palmaris communis secunda
13814/AFMB pair
arteria digitalis palmaris propria secunda ulnaris
14423/AFMB pair
musculus interosseus plantaris secundus
14426/AFMB pair
musculus interosseus dorsalis secundus pedis
14430/AFMB pair
musculus lumbricalis secundus pedis
14485/AFMB pair
vagina fibrosa indicis
14499/AFMB pair
vagina synovialis indicis
14511/AFMB pair
tendo indicis
14516/AFMB pair
tendo indicis musculi flexoris digitorum profundi
21448/AFMB single
corpus vertebrae thoracicae secundae
21453/AFMB single
arcus vertebrae thoracicae secundae
21458/AFMB pair
lamina vertebrae thoracicae secundae
21466/AFMB pair
incisura vertebralis superior vertebrae thoracicae secundae
21470/AFMB pair
incisura vertebralis inferior vertebrae thoracicae secundae
21474/AFMB single
foramen vertebrale vertebrae thoracicae secundae
21476/AFMB pair
processus transversus vertebrae thoracicae secundae
21480/AFMB pair
processus articularis superior vertebrae thoracicae secundae
21488/AFMB pair
processus articularis inferior vertebrae thoracicae secundae
21496/AFMB pair
fovea costalis superior vertebrae thoracicae secundae
22124/AFMB single
corpus vertebrae lumbalis secundae
22129/AFMB single
arcus vertebrae lumbalis secundae
22130/AFMB pair
pediculus vertebrae lumbalis secundae
22134/AFMB pair
lamina vertebrae lumbalis secundae
22142/AFMB pair
incisura vertebralis superior vertebrae lumbalis secundae
22150/AFMB single
foramen vertebrale vertebrae lumbalis secundae
22152/AFMB pair
processus costiformis vertebrae lumbalis secundae
22156/AFMB pair
processus articularis superior vertebrae lumbalis secundae
22164/AFMB pair
processus articularis inferior vertebrae lumbalis secundae
22180/AFMB pair
processus corpus mammillare vertebrae lumbalis secundae
Number of occurrences
70 items
Date: 24.06.2022