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nomen morphologia

Official Latin term nomen morphologia
Official subsidiary term word morphology
Unit identifier TAH:U11654
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen morphologia
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei unspecificati
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Vocabulary for 11654
nomen morphologia
By noun
7511/NFMB mset
res morphologiae externae diencephali
7512/NFMB mset
res morphologiae internae diencephali
7982/NFMB set
stratum morphologiae externae medullae spinalis
7984/NFMB set
stratum morphologiae internae medullae spinalis
8157/NFMB mset
morphologia externa rhombencephali caudalis
8159/NFMB mset
morphologia interna rhombencephali caudalis
8227/NFMB mset
res morphologiae internae cerebelli
8266/NFMB mset
res morphologiae externae cerebelli
8322/NFMB tax
morphologia externa telencephali
8323/NFMB tax
morphologia interna telencephali
8407/NFMB mset
res morphologiae externae rhombencephali rostralis
8558/NFMB mset
res morphologiae internae mesencephali
8559/NFMB mset
res morphologiae externae mesencephali
8612/NFMB set
res morphologiae internae hypothalami
8613/NFMB set
res morphologiae externae hypothalami
9006/NFMB mset
res morphologiae internae rhombencephali rostralis
11777/NFMB mset
res morphologiae externae rhombencephali caudalis
11797/NFMB mset
res morphologiae internae rhombencephali caudalis
11847/NFMB tax
morphologia externa rhombencephali rostralis
11848/NFMB tax
morphologia interna rhombencephali rostralis
12095/NFMB mset
res morphologiae externae telencephali
12096/NFMB mset
res morphologiae internae telencephali
12099/NFMB tax
stratum morphologiae externae
12100/NFMB tax
res morphologiae internae
12101/NFMB single
morphologia externa
12102/NFMB single
morphologia interna
12186/NFMB tax
morphologia externa hypothalami
12187/NFMB tax
morphologia interna hypothalami
12190/NFMB mset
morphologia externa diencephali
12191/NFMB mset
morphologia interna diencephali
12241/NFMB mset
morphologia externa mesencephali
12242/NFMB mset
morphologia interna mesencephali
12264/NFMB mset
morphologia externa cerebelli
12265/NFMB mset
morphologia interna cerebelli
12271/NFMB mset
morphologia externa medullae spinalis
12272/NFMB mset
morphologia interna medullae spinalis
by noun complement
12094/CFMB voc
nomen morphologiae
By adjective
11489/AFMB tax
nomen structurae morphologicae
11783/AFMB tax
structura morphologica
Number of occurrences
39 items
Date: 24.06.2022