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nomen magnus

Official Latin term nomen magnus
Official subsidiary term word large
Unit identifier TAH:U11619
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen physicus
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Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition The word large is a word physical [nomen physicus ] which expresses the large dimension of a physical unit of measurement, mainly of a length, an area or a volume.
Vocabulary for 11619
nomen magnus
By adjective
454/AFMB single
foramen magnum
4613/AFMB pair
vena cerebri magna (vena cerebri magna )
4641/AFMB pair
vena cisternae cerebellomedullaris posterioris
5112/AF1B single
cisterna magna
5121/AF1B single
cisterna venae cerebri magnae
5423/AFMB pair
nucleus raphes magnus
6309/AFMB del
cellula serotonergica nuclei raphes magni
6576/AFMB pair
nervus auricularis magnus
6577/AF1B pair
ramus dorsalis nervi auricularis magni
6577/AFMB pair
ramus posterior nervi auricularis magni
6578/AF1B pair
ramus ventralis nervi auricularis magni
6578/AFMB pair
ramus anterior nervi auricularis magni
7668/AFMB pset
neuron ganglionare umbelliforme magnum
8248/AFMB set
neuron golgiense magnum
8251/AFMB single
axon neuri golgiensis magni
8345/AFMB pset
neuron magnum projectionis nuclei cerebelli (neuron magnum projectionis nuclei cerebelli )
8804/AFMB pset
neuron magnum globi pallidi
8814/AFMB pset
neuron pyramidale magnum isocorticis
8831/AFMB pset
neuron corbiforme magnum isocorticis
8854/AFMB pair
arteria radicularis magna
9222/AFMB pset
neuron bipolare magnum corticis insularis
9309/AFMB pset
neuron magnum ganglii vestibularis
22572/AFMB tax
neuron pseudounipolare magnum
22876/AFMB single
neuron pseudounipolare magnum ganglii sensorii nervi spinalis
By prefix
5349/PF1B pair
lamina magnocellularis
5378/PFMB pair
pars magnocellularis nuclei vestibularis inferioris
5411/PFMB pair
pars magnocellularis nuclei reticularis lateralis
5648/PFMB pair
pars magnocellularis nuclei rubri
5835/PFMB pair
pars magnocellularis
5864/PFMB pair
pars magnocellularis nuclei ventralis anterioris thalami
5902/PFMB pset
stratum magnocellulare
5909/PFMB pair
nucleus magnocellularis medialis corporis geniculati medialis
8384/PFMB pair
pars magnocellularis nuclei vestibularis superioris
8433/PFMB pair
pars magnocellularis nuclei vestibularis medialis
8643/PFMB pair
pars magnocellularis nuclei commissurae posterioris
9429/PFMB pair
stratum magnocellulare corticis entorhinalis
Vocabulary by string
musculus adductor magnus
arteria pancreatica magna
vena cardiaca magna
vena saphena magna
neuron spinosum magnitudinis mediae striati
area associationis ordini magni; area major associationis
motoneuron neuroendocrinum magnocellulare
Number of occurrences
43 items
Date: 13.06.2022