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nomen interneuron

Official Latin term nomen interneuron
Official subsidiary term word interneuron
Unit identifier TAH:U11599
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis nervosi
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Vocabulary for 11599
nomen interneuron
By noun
7823/NF1B pset
interneuron cornus dorsalis (interneuron cornus posterioris medullae spinalis )
7823/NFMB pset
interneuron cornus posterioris medullae spinalis
7829/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium Ib laminae spinalis VI
7843/NFMB pset
interneuron zonae intermediae
7844/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium zonae intermediae
7845/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium zonae intermediae
7846/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium Ia laminae spinalis VII
7847/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium recurrens laminae spinalis VII
7866/NF1B pset
interneuron cornus ventralis medullae spinalis (interneuron cornus anterioris medullae spinalis medullae spinalis )
7866/NFMB pset
interneuron cornus anterioris medullae spinalis medullae spinalis
7867/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium cornus anterioris medullae spinalis
7868/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium cornus anterioris medullae spinalis
8002/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium cornus posterioris medullae spinalis
8006/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium cornus posterioris medullae spinalis
8052/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium nuclei cochlearis posterioris
8055/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium nuclei cochlearis posterioris
8069/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium nuclei cochlearis anterioris
8234/NFMB set
interneuron corticis cerebelli
8236/NFMB set
interneuron excitatorium corticis cerebelli
8245/NFMB set
interneuron inhibitorium corticis cerebelli
8263/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium glycinergicum
8264/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium GABAergicum
8316/NFMB single
interneuron breviaxonale plexus enterici
8351/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium nuclei cerebelli
8792/NFMB pset
interneuron striati
8794/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium striati
8795/NFMB pset
interneuron cholinergicum striati
8797/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium striati
8799/NFMB pset
interneuron GABAergicum striati
8818/NF1B pset
interneuron spinosum isocorticis (interneuron excitatorium isocorticis )
8818/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium isocorticis
8820/NF1B pset
interneuron leve isocorticis (interneuron inhibitorium isocorticis )
8820/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium isocorticis
9170/NFMB pset
interneuron isocorticis
9305/NFMB pset
interneuron hippocampi
9307/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium hippocampi
9366/NFMB pset
interneuron bulbi olfactorii
9367/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium bulbi olfactorii
9379/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium bulbi olfactorii
9402/NFMB pset
interneuron gyri dentati
9403/NFMB pset
interneuron excitatorium gyri dentati
9405/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium gyri dentati
9568/NFMB set
interneuron descendens entericum
9569/NFMB set
interneuron intestinofugiens entericum
9587/NFMB set
interneuron longiaxonicum entericum (interneuron entericum projectionis )
9588/NFMB set
interneuron ascendens entericum
20225/NFMB tax
22577/NFMB tax
interneuron breviaxonale
22578/NFMB tax
interneuron longiaxonale
22579/NFMB tax
interneuron excitatorium
22580/NFMB tax
interneuron inhibitorium
by apposition
11599/MFMB voc
nomen interneuron
Vocabulary by string
interneuron breviaxonicum entericum
interneuron inhibitorium retinae
interneuron longiaxonicum cerebelli
interneuron breviaxonicum cerebelli
interneuron excitatorium corticis cerebelli
interneuron inhibitorium corticis cerebelli
interneuron inhibitorium nuclei cochlearis posterioris
interneuron excitatorium nuclei cochlearis posterioris
interneuron inhibitorium nuclei cochlearis anterioris
Number of occurrences
61 items
Date: 25.06.2022