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nomen substantia

Official Latin term nomen substantia
Official subsidiary term word substance
Unit identifier TAH:U11563
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen rei corporeae
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Vocabulary for 11563
nomen substantia
By noun
3950/NFMB pset
ramus substantiae perforatae anterioris arteriae choroideae anterioris (ramus substantiae perforatae anterioris arteriae choroideae anterioris )
3965/NFMB pset
ramus substantiae nigrae arteriae choroideae anterioris
5161/NFMB del
substantia alba
5162/NFMB del
substantia gelatinosa centralis
5196/NFMB pair
substantia intermedia centralis medullae spinalis
5198/NFMB pair
substantia intermedia lateralis medullae spinalis
5573/NFMB single
substantia perforata posterior
5597/NFMB pair
substantia nigra
5598/NFMB pair
pars compacta substantiae nigrae
5599/NFMB pair
pars lateralis substantiae nigrae
5600/NFMB pair
pars reticulata substantiae nigrae (pars reticularis substantiae nigrae )
5601/NFMB del
pars retrorubralis substantiae nigrae
6183/NFMB pair
substantia basalis
6192/NFMB pair
substantia innominata
6899/NFMB pair
substantia propria sclerae
6910/NFMB pair
substantia propria corneae
7000/NFMB pair
substantia lentis
8578/NF1B pair
pars posterior substantiae nigrae (pars dorsalis substantiae nigrae )
8578/NFMB pair
pars dorsalis substantiae nigrae
8581/NF1B pair
pars anterior substantiae nigrae (pars ventralis substantiae nigrae )
8581/NFMB pair
pars ventralis substantiae nigrae
8585/NFMB pair
pars medialis substantiae nigrae
8682/NF1B pair
substantia perforata rostralis (substantia perforata anterior )
8682/NFMB pair
substantia perforata anterior
9037/NFMB single
substantia grisea cerebelli
9191/NFMB single
substantia alba cerebelli
9849/NFMB pset
cellula cholinergica substantiae basalis
10176/NFMB tax
substantia liquida
13995/NFMB tax
portio substantiae liquidae
14561/NFMB tax
segmentum substantiae albae
by noun complement
10133/CFMB tax
portio substantiae
Vocabulary by string
substantia corticalis
substantia compacta
substantia spongiosa
substantia muscularis
substantia visceralis secundaria
substantia grisea
substantia grisea structurarum centralium mesencephali
substantia alba structurarum centralium mesencephali
substantia alba nucleorum basalium
substantia solida
substantia alba telencephali
Number of occurrences
42 items
Date: 24.06.2022