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nomen hippocampus

Official Latin term nomen hippocampus
Official subsidiary term word hippocampus
Unit identifier TAH:U10993
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity generic: nomen hippocampus
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen systematis nervosi
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Vocabulary for 10993
nomen hippocampus
Reference 8721
formatio hippocampi
By noun
6075/NFMB pair
fimbria hippocampi
6146/NFMB pair
pes hippocampi
6147/NFMB pset
digitatio hippocampi
6150/NFMB del
hippocampus proprius
6156/NFMB pair
alveus hippocampi
6157/NFMB pset
stratum hippocampi
6286/NFMB pair
commissura hippocampi
8538/NF1B pset
tractus intrinsicus hippocampi (tractus proprius hippocampi )
8538/NFMB pset
tractus proprius hippocampi
8722/NFMB pair
pars precommissuralis hippocampi
8723/NFMB pair
pars supracommissuralis hippocampi
8724/NF1B pair
pars retrocommissuralis hippocampi (hippocampus proprius )
8724/NFMB pair
hippocampus proprius
8742/NFMB pset
verruca hippocampi
8764/NFMB pair
substantia alba hippocampi
9023/NFMB pset
neuron hippocampi
9275/NF1B pair
segmentum anterius hippocampi (caput hippocampi )
9275/NFMB pair
caput hippocampi
9278/NF1B pair
segmentum medium hippocampi (corpus hippocampi )
9278/NFMB pair
corpus hippocampi
9294/NF1B pair
segmentum posterius hippocampi (cauda hippocampi )
9294/NFMB pair
cauda hippocampi
9295/NFMB pset
regio hippocampi
9298/NFMB pset
neuron projectionis hippocampi
9299/NFMB pset
neuron pyramidale hippocampi
9305/NFMB pset
interneuron hippocampi
9307/NFMB pset
interneuron inhibitorium hippocampi
9312/NFMB pset
neuron corbiforme hippocampi
9326/NFMB pset
neuron bistratificatum hippocampi
9328/NFMB pset
neuron candelarium hippocampi
9331/NFMB pset
tractus descendens hippocampi
9396/NFMB pset
neuro fibra muscosa hippocampi (fibra muscosa hippocampi )
12027/NFMB single
origo hippocampi
12240/NFMB lex
13172/NFMB pset
tractus commissuralis hippocampi
by apposition
10993/MFMB voc
nomen hippocampus
By adjective
3959/AFMB pset
ramus hippocampalis arteriae choroideae anterioris
6070/AFMB pair
gyrus parahippocampalis
6072/AFMB pair
sulcus hippocampalis
6096/AFMB del
commissura formationis hippocampalis
6144/AFMB del
formatio hippocampalis
6170/AFMB pair
area transitionis amygdalohippocampalis
8721/AFMB pair
formatio hippocampi (formatio hippocampalis )
8863/AFMB pset
arteria hippocampalis
8864/AFMB pair
arteria hippocampalis posterior
8865/AFMB pair
arteria hippocampalis media
8866/AFMB pair
arteria hippocampalis anterior
9007/AFMB pset
vena hippocampalis longa
9008/AFMB pair
vena hippocampalis longa anterior
9009/AFMB pair
vena hippocampalis longa posterior
12769/AFMB tax
sulcus formationis hippocampalis
13279/AFMB tax
segmentum gyri parahippocampalis
13280/AFMB tax
segmentum formationis hippocampi
Number of occurrences
53 items
Date: 25.06.2022