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musculus membri inferioris

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum musculus Short Extended
Current level musculus membri inferioris Short
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
9622 2071
musculus membri inferioris
muscle of lower limb
37367 14972
muscle of pelvic girdle
19082 2081
musculus piriformis
piriform muscle ; piriformis muscle
22314 2076
musculus gluteus maximus
superficial gluteal muscle; superficial muscle of buttock; gluteus maximus muscle
22315 2077
musculus gluteus medius
intermediate gluteal muscle; intermediate muscle of buttock; gluteus medius muscle
22317 2078
musculus gluteus minimus
deep gluteal muscle; deep muscle of buttock; gluteus minimus muscle
22423 2080
musculus tensor fasciae latae femoris
tensor muscle of fascia lata of thigh ; tensor fasciae latae femoris muscle
22321 2085
musculus quadratus femoris
quadratus muscle of thigh; quadratus femoris muscle
22318 2083
musculus gemellus superior
superior gemellus muscle; gemellus superior muscle
22320 2084
musculus gemellus inferior
inferior gemellus muscle; gemellus inferior muscle
22298 2082
musculus obturatorius internus
internal obturator muscle ; obturator internus muscle
22299 2101
musculus obturatorius externus
external obturator muscle ; obturator externus muscle
22310 2073
musculus iliacus
iliac muscle ; iliacus muscle
37368 14436
musculus membri inferioris liberi
muscle of free lower limb
22470 10451
musculus femoris T4 48 children
muscle of thigh
51035 14975
musculus compartimenti femoris anterioris
muscle of anterior compartment of thigh
22353 2086
musculus sartorius
sartorius muscle
22430 2088
musculus rectus femoris
rectus muscle of thigh ; rectus femoris muscle
22431 2091
musculus vastus lateralis
lateral vastus muscle ; vastus lateralis muscle
22433 2092
musculus vastus intermedius
intermediate vastus muscle ; vastus intermedius muscle
22432 2093
musculus vastus medialis
medial vastus muscle ; vastus medialis muscle
22437 2094
musculus articularis genus
articular muscle of knee ; articularis genus muscle
74149 14976
musculus compartimenti femoris medialis
muscle of medial compartment of thigh
22440 2095
musculus pectineus
pectineal muscle
22441 2096
musculus adductor longus
long adductor muscle ; adductor longus muscle
22442 2097
musculus adductor brevis
short adductor muscle ; adductor brevis muscle
22443 2098
musculus adductor magnus
large adductor muscle ; adductor magnus muscle
43885 2099
musculus adductor minimus
minimal adductor muscle ; adductor minimus muscle
43882 2100
musculus gracilis
gracile muscle ; gracilis muscle
51036 14977
musculus compartimenti femoris posterioris
muscle of posterior compartment of thigh
22356 2102
musculus biceps femoris
biceps muscle of thigh ; biceps femoris muscle
22357 2105
musculus semitendinosus
semitendinous muscle ; semitendinosus muscle
22438 2106
musculus semimembranosus
semimembranous muscle ; semimembranosus muscle
22471 14961
musculus cruris T4 47 children
muscle of leg
51052 14978
musculus compartimenti cruris anterioris
muscle of anterior compartment of leg
22532 2107
musculus tibialis anterior
anterior tibial muscle ; tibialis anterior muscle
22534 2108
musculus extensor digitorum longus
long extensor muscle of toes ; extensor digitorum longus muscle
22538 2109
musculus fibularis tertius ; musculus peroneus tertius
third fibular muscle ; third peroneus muscle; fibularis tertius muscle; peroneus tertius muscle
22533 2110
musculus extensor hallucis longus
long extensor muscle of great toe ; extensor hallucis longus muscle
22473 10639
musculus compartimenti cruris lateralis
muscle of lateral compartment of leg
22539 2111
musculus fibularis longus ; musculus peroneus longus
long fibular muscle ; long peroneus muscle; fibularis longus muscle; peroneus longus muscle
22540 2112
musculus fibularis brevis ; musculus peroneus brevis
short fibular muscle ; short peroneus muscle; fibularis brevis muscle; peroneus brevis muscle
22474 14979
musculus compartimenti cruris posterioris
muscle of posterior compartment of leg
65004 14964
musculus superficialis compartimenti cruris posterioris
superficial muscle of posterior compartment of leg
51062 2113
musculus triceps surae
triceps muscle of calf ; triceps surae muscle
22541 2114
musculus gastrocnemius
gastrocnemius muscle
22542 2117
musculus soleus
soleus muscle
22543 2119
musculus plantaris
plantar muscle ; plantaris muscle
65008 14965
musculus profundus compartimenti cruris posterioris
deep muscle of posterior compartment of leg
22590 2120
musculus popliteus
popliteal muscle ; popliteus muscle
51099 2121
musculus tibialis posterior
posterior tibial muscle ; tibialis posterior muscle
51071 2122
musculus flexor digitorum longus
long flexor muscle of toes ; flexor longus digitorum muscle
22593 2123
musculus flexor hallucis longus
long flexor muscle of great toe ; flexor hallucis longus muscle
37369 14962
musculus pedis T4 83 children
muscle of foot
65021 14441
musculus extrinsicus pedis
extrinsic muscle of foot
65020 14980
musculus proprius pedis
proper muscle of foot
65045 14442
musculus dorsi pedis pedis
muscle of dorsum of foot of foot
51141 2124
musculus extensor hallucis brevis
short extensor muscle of great toe ; extensor hallucis brevis muscle
51140 2125
musculus extensor digitorum pedis brevis
short extensor muscle of toes ; extensor digitorum brevis muscle
65046 14433
musculus plantae
muscle of sole
37448 2126
musculus abductor hallucis
abductor muscle of great toe ; abductor hallucis muscle
37449 2127
musculus flexor hallucis brevis
short flexor muscle of great toe ; flexor hallucis brevis muscle
45969 2128
caput mediale musculi flexoris hallucis brevis
medial head of short flexor muscle of great toe
45970 2129
caput laterale musculi flexoris hallucis brevis
lateral head of short flexor muscle of great toe
37454 2130
musculus adductor hallucis
adductor muscle of great toe ; adductor hallucis muscle
46014 2131
caput obliquum musculi adductoris hallucis
oblique head of adductor muscle of great toe
46015 2132
caput obliquum musculi adductoris hallucis
oblique head of adductor muscle of great toe
37451 2133
musculus abductor digiti minimi pedis
abductor muscle of little toe of foot of foot ; abductor digiti minimi muscle
86033 2135
(musculus opponens digiti minimi pedis )
(opponens muscle of little toe of foot of foot ; opponens digiti minimi muscle)
37455 2136
musculus flexor digiti minimi pedis brevis
short flexor muscle of little toe of foot of foot ; flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle
37450 2137
musculus flexor digitorum pedis brevis
short flexor muscle of toes ; flexor digitorum brevis muscle
37453 2139
musculus lumbricalis pedis
lumbrical muscle of foot
37479 14429
musculus lumbricalis primus pedis
first lumbrical muscle of foot
37480 14430
musculus lumbricalis secundus pedis
second lumbrical muscle of foot
37481 14431
musculus lumbricalis tertius pedis
third lumbrical muscle of foot
37482 14432
musculus lumbricalis quartus pedis
fourth lumbrical muscle of foot
37452 2138
musculus quadratus plantae ; musculus flexor accessorius
quadrate muscle of sole ; quadratus plantae muscle; flexor accessorius muscle
37456 15350
musculus interosseus pedis
interosseous muscle of foot
37457 2140
musculus interosseus dorsalis pedis
dorsal interosseous muscle of foot
37726 14425
musculus interosseus dorsalis primus pedis
first dorsal interosseous muscle of foot
37727 14426
musculus interosseus dorsalis secundus pedis
second dorsal interosseous muscle of foot
37728 14427
musculus interosseus dorsalis tertius pedis
third dorsal interosseous muscle of foot
37729 14428
musculus interosseus dorsalis quartus pedis
fourth dorsal interosseous muscle of foot
37458 2141
musculus interosseus plantaris pedis
plantar interosseous muscle of foot
37738 14422
musculus interosseus plantaris primus
first plantar interosseous muscle
37739 14423
musculus interosseus plantaris secundus
second plantar interosseous muscle
37740 14424
musculus interosseus plantaris tertius
third plantar interosseous muscle
musculus articulationis coxae
muscle of hip joint
musculus ventralis coxae
ventral muscle of hip
musculus dorsalis coxae
dorsal muscle of hip
musculus dorsalis coxae superficialis
superficial dorsal muscle of hip
musculus dorsalis coxae profundus
deep dorsal muscle of hip
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