Taxonomic list T4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

articulatio cranii

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 junctura anatomica Short Extended
Level 3 junctura Short Extended
Current level articulatio cranii
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
54831 1358
articulatio cranii
cranial synovial joint
54832 1359
articulatio temporomandibularis
temporomandibular joint
60063 7210
articulatio ossiculi auditus ; articulatio ossiculi auditorii
joint of auditory ossicle
60064 7211
articulatio incudomallearis
incudomallear joint
60065 7212
articulatio incudostapedia
incudostapedial joint
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